The Hate America Left

Reviewing a book written under your boss’ byline is never an easy task, particularly if you are a new hire. This was the first article I wrote after being hired full-time at FrontPage Magazine in mid-January 2003. Today, it reads more than a bit obsequious, even by such standards, but my job was to sell the book. If nothing else, it’s an awfully good sales pitch. C’est la vie. — TRW.

At last weekend’s “peace” protests, tens of thousands called down curses upon George W. Bush and blessings on Saddam Hussein. The organizers and participants in these international rallies clearly were not interested in peace; they hope to see America’s enemies prevail. In their timely book The Hate America Left, editors David Horowitz and Jamie Glazov of FrontPage Magazine expose the seditious connections and unseemly goals of the new generation of anti-Americans.

Even during the historic tragedies of September 11, the terrorists’ sympathizers did not quell their vitriolic attacks on the fabric of America. At our nation’s most vulnerable moment, leftist idol Noam Chomsky used campus speaking engagements to denounce, not the hijackers, but the United States as the “world’s biggest terrorist state.” Although the country was under attack, a leftist fifth column propelled by anti-American zeal continued its assault the underpinnings of our nation. Al Qaeda’s attack roused a complacent American public to the external threat of radical Islamic terrorism. In The Hate America Left, Horowitz and Glazov seek to alert their readers to another enemy: the network of fundraisers, apologists, protesters, intellectual enablers, Stalinists, and fellow-travelers that comprise the domestic front in the War against Terrorism.

This compilation of essays, many of which first appeared on FrontPage Magazine, exposes the broad contours of the leftist fifth column in America. To expose the domestic Left, the authors first paint a vivid picture of the external threat we face. David Horowitz’ introductory essay conveys the gravity of the Left’s betrayal in their support of suicide bombers. Although leftist cant ascribes Islamist bloodlust to American and Israeli “imperialism,” Horowitz makes clear that radical Islam’s totalitarian ideology spurs on teenagers to become cannon fodder in a war against the West. That driving mania is reflected in the glee expressed by the mother of a suicide bomber: “I asked Allah to give me 10 [Israelis] for Muhammad, and Allah granted my request and Muhammad made his dream come true, killing 10 Israeli settlers and soldiers.” These are the hate-filled extremists the Left considers “victims.”

And the Left has exploited every opportunity to benefit these victims. Horowitz and Glazov dedicate one full section of the book to the legal establishment’s support of terrorists. Particularly compelling is the story of Lynne Stewart, a member of William Kunstler’s Center for Constitutional Rights, who proudly provided legal counsel to Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman. Rahman is the blind cleric convicted of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. In Stewart’s rush to be helpful, she apparently passed on information from Rahman to the Islamic Group, an al-Qaeda-linked terrorist organization responsible for the ‘93 bombing. Stewart has also voiced support for violence. She defines “direct violence” as “violence directed at the institutions which perpetuate capitalism, racism and sexism, and the people who are appointed guardians of those institutions.” Attorney General Ashcroft indicted Stewart last April for providing “material support” to terrorists. However, as the book documents, her ideological counterparts at CCR, the National Lawyers Guild and the ACLU voice their hatred of America in similar language.

Other radical groups are not as honest, dressing up their hatred for America in the cloak of peace. Another section of The Hate America Left exposes “The ‘Peace’ Fifth Column.” Edward Immler’s article, “Tracking Down a Fifth Column Front,” found that ANSWER, the group responsible for the national “peace” demonstrations, is a front for the Stalinist Workers World Party. Other Communist fronts operating in the ANSWER office include the U.S. Out of Korea Committee, Peace for Cuba, Iraq Sanctions Challenge, the Coalition to Stop U.S. Intervention in the Mideast, and an organization dedicated to freeing convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. Immler makes a terrifying and all-too-plausible case that Iraqis (and others) may be funding International ANSWER’s advocacy efforts.

The rest of this provocative and unsettling book will likewise spur the reader to indignation and action. One entire section explores the predictable temperament of college professors toward the United States, the military and Western civilization in general. Additional chapters describe Louis Farrakhan’s links to Mideast terrorists, the Marxist-Wahhabi alliance, the legal status of detainees, and the Communist politics of a gay community leader. Jamie Glazov’s contribution, a symposium on anti-Americanism with four distinguished scholars, makes an engrossing read. The authors name names, expose unsavory connections, and lay bare the true agenda of the “anti-anti-terrorists.” The facts about these subversives, many of which are unique to this collection, have never been laid out so effectively or persuasively.

Horowitz and Glazov also do conservatives a favor with their precise selection of targets. There are no sweeping accusations of any one political party. Those condemned by Horowitz would not feel comfortable around Harry Truman, Henry “Scoop” Jackson, or even the young Al Gore, who once castigated his party for fashioning its foreign policy around “retreat, complacency, and doubt.” Those groups and individuals profiled in this compilation clearly merit the title The Hate America Left. Unfortunately, that group is large enough without exaggeration. And it only appears to be gaining political power.

This useful information is a must-read for citizens who love their country, whatever their political persuasion. For conservatives, this book marks a battle plan against the enemies of democratic capitalism and freedom of conscience. For well-intentioned liberals, it represents an indictment of their laxity and a call to purge the Left of a pernicious influence. And for the broad mass of centrist Americans, The Hate America Left contains the clearest call-to-arms ever issued to defend the Republic from all her enemies, foreign and domestic.


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This article originally appeared on Tuesday, February 25, 2003, on FrontPage Magazine.