Archives for March 2004

“Passion” and Prejudice

The secular Left has derided Mel Gibson’s new film, The Passion of the Christ, as an inflammatory polemic designed to subtly goad its sympathetic audience to hate the movie’s antagonists. I must confess, I fear I’ve succumbed. I’m afraid Mel Gibson’s movie left me with a burning hatred…for Roman soldiers. They are the only people the casual viewer of The Passion could possibly come to disdain. … [Read more...]

“Charitable” Foundations: ATMs for the Left

One of the unlamented developments of this election year is the Democratic Party’s retreat to the Left. Although the media claim the party's voters have learned their lesson by settling for the “electable” John F. Kerry, a cursory examination of the Democrats shows they remain animated by anti-Bush furor. The party rank-and-file may have decided they prefer the sing-song cadences of John … [Read more...]