Hollywood Hate Group Assaults Bush

Last weekend’s hatefest in New York City, in which John Kerry endorsed the vicious attack of Hollywood hacks on the commander-in-chief, provides a sad portent of things to come. Leftist hate group MoveOn.org announced last week that it has enlisted the help of the Hollywood elite in its partisan campaign to smear the president and stigmatize America’s War on Terror. According to a Time magazine story (“I’m Rob Reiner, and I Approve This Ad”), such Hollywood powerhouses as Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Errol Morris, Rob Reiner, West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin, Ed Asner, Danny Glover, Al Franken, the ubiquitous Kevin Bacon, Margaret Cho, Woody Harrelson, Scarlett Johansson, Alicia Silverstone, and musician Moby have agreed to write, direct, and star in TV ads for MoveOnPAC, the political action committee of MoveOn.org.

The program is being overseen by Laura Dawn. Dawn is the 34-year-old singer behind MoveOn’s contest that challenged members to shoot their own anti-Bush commercials, which resulted in the website posting two ads comparing George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler.

Before their ads start running, let’s review their history of involvement in public affairs:

Edward Asner

Democratic Socialists of America member Ed Asner’s history of ultra-leftist political involvement dates back more than 20 years. In the 1980s, Asner supported Central American Communist revolutionaries. Medical Aid, an Asner-founded group, flew leftist actor Mike Farrell to Nicaragua to assist in the surgery of Sandinista leader Nidia Diaz. Two months before the surgery, Diaz had killed 15 Americans, including four Marines and nine civilians. Another Asner group, the Committee of Concern for Central America, invited Nicaraguan Marxist strongman Daniel Ortega to the United States for a nine-day propaganda tour. Asner, Danny Glover, and Woody Harrelson have all visited Fidel Castro in Cuba and returned singing his praises.

Asner also supports revolutionaries at home. He would like to free cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

It is to be hoped Asner will elevate the level of his dialogue: in 1990, he devolved into the scatological while discussing the issue of taxpayer-funded obscenity. “I consider the Mapplethorpe picture – one man urinating into the mouth of another – as merely a depiction of Ronald Reagan’s trickle down theory.” More recently, he has claimed that leftists leaked word of Rush Limbaugh’s prescription drug problems and has intimated they have underhanded plans for Sean Hannity.

Danny Glover:

Like Asner, Danny Glover sees his country as the enemy and Marxism as the answer. One month after 9/11, Glover told an audience at Princeton University, “One of the main purveyors of violence in this world has been this country, whether it’s been against Nicaragua, Vietnam or wherever.…” He went on to say he hopes Osama bin Laden is spared the death penalty. Meanwhile, Glover has developed a passionate attachment to Fidel Castro, who is responsible for murdering tens of thousands of his countrymen. In addition to visiting the tyrant of Havana, Glover has affixed his signature to a statement entitled, “To the Conscience of the World.” This anti-American document alleges the imperialist United States is undermining Cuba’s “self-determination.” It warns, “The harassment against Cuba could serve as a pretext for an invasion.” Other signatories include Nobel Prize-winning fraud Rigoberta Menchu, Noam Chomsky, Tariq Ali, and Harry Belafonte.

Always eager to jump on the left-wing bandwagon, Glover, Asner, and Kevin Bacon signed the Statement of Conscience issued by the antiwar group “Not In Our Name” alongside the endorsements of Mumia Abu-Jamal, Leslie Cagan, Medea Benjamin, and C. Clark Kissinger. Glover has denounced his country in the most strenuous of terms, belittling President Bush and “his administration of liars and murderers.” He and Asner supported far-leftist Dennis Kucinich during the 2004 presidential primaries. For his actions, Danny Glover earned a place as one of FrontPage Magazine’s “Ten Most Dishonorable Americans.”

Errol Morris:

The year 2003 proved profitable for the Left, as both Michael Moore and Errol Morris were awarded Academy Awards. Morris won for The Fog of War, his documentary about guilt-ridden Vietnam architect Robert McNamara. The Left turned this film into a metaphor for the Bush administration. Although Tinseltown dutifully jeered Michael Moore for making a stump speech while accepting his statue, Morris also politicized the Oscars, saying, “I fear we’re going down a rabbit hole once again.” His angst stems from the fact that he does not believe America’s response to terrorism is justified. Morris told one interviewer, “it’s not clear what’s being defended at the moment.”

Morris issued an alarmist call about how bloodthirsty he believes the Bush administration is:

They would like a new arms race. They would like new wars. Whether they want it or not, they are in the process of destabilizing the world and eradicating much of the progress of the last 50 years. Congratulations.

Elsewhere, he condemned Bush for considering mass murder evil. One of the things that I find particularly frightening about what is going on in the United States today is that we have a government that refuses to see anything in shades of grey,” he said. “To me this is part of the problem.”

Morris also had this ahistorical advice to offer: “War doesn’t prevent war; war produces more war.” The War on Terrorism, he said, “seems to me like the ultimate idiocy.”

Woody Harrelson:

Woody Harrelson, whose last major film role was as pornographer Larry Flynt, sees America’s military defense as no different than Osama bin Laden’s jihad. “The war on terrorism is terrorism,” he has said. He summed up, with his usual eloquence, “The whole thing is just bullshit.” Harrelson, with Ed Asner, has also denounced our response to Islamist terrorism as racist.

His only other known political cause is the legalization of marijuana. (He has been seen sporting a suit made entirely of hemp.) Judging from his political writings, it’s clear to see why….


Techno-musician Moby has been an outspoken left-winger. Upon hearing of a letter written by Spc. Joshua Madsen of Florida, which supported President Bush’s War on Terrorism, Moby sprang into action. In an e-mail to his followers, he claimed the soldier in question did not exist, and the letter was invented by the Bush administration. Moby wrote, “I think you’ll agree with me that Bush and his cronies have reached a new low in distasteful and despicable behavior. This letter has made me despise the Bush administration more than I ever thought possible. It is utterly disgusting.” Upon hearing of the accusation, Spc. Madsen (who was serving in Ar-Ramadi, a vicious part of Iraq’s Sunni Triangle) quickly informed Moby he was very much alive, supported the president – and did not appreciate Moby’s “pro-troop” activism.


Rob Reiner, whose Hollywood millions bankrolled Howard Dean’s “populist” campaign, has a long history of blending entertainment and activism. Aaron Sorkin lifted leftist escapism to a new level, creating the West Wing to give Reiner’s lead character from The American President four more years of life. Of course, Al Franken is known as the incredibly unfunny voice of the fledgling left-wing radio network Air America, and as the author of Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them, whose research was carried out by Harvard University students – free of charge. Margaret Cho felt no shame after lashing out at the president at an earlier MoveOn.org function. “George Bush is not Hitler,” she said, quickly adding, “He would be if he f-cking applied himself.” Cho preserved the infamous act on her website. And lolita Alicia Silverstone, who made her reputation stripping for Liv Tyler in Aerosmith videos, casually mentioned to an entertainment reporter a few years ago, “Catholicism is, like, really screwed.”

These are the Hollywood figures who now claim the moral high ground over the commander-in-chief of the U.S. armed forces, fighting to protect the homeland from another Islamo-fascist assault. When you see these artists’ commercials on the air, remember their history of radicalism and blatant fabrication. The new ads are sure to be more of the same.

This article originally appeared as the lead story on Wednesday, July 12, 2004, on FrontPage Magazine.