To Fallujah, With Love

Pillars of the Hate America Left, who have taken great pains to aid the enemy in every American military venture for 20 years, have just returned from Iraq, where they delivered more than half-a-million dollars in aid to “the other side”– with the full knowledge and consent of left-wing Congressman Henry Waxman, D-CA.

Waxman has signed a letter allowing radical leftist Medea Benjamin and a dozen of her cohorts – some of whom had lost relatives in the Iraq War – to slip the $600,000 of cash and supplies into camps housing refugees from Fallujah, with less outside scrutiny of its contents. The letter was given to Fernando Suarez del Solar, an amnestied illegal immigrant from Mexico and antiwar speaker for the leftist organization Global Exchange, who lost his son Jesus Suarez in Iraq. Fernando Suarez lives near Waxman’s congressional district. Fernando Suarez distinguished himself as an emotional antiwar protester. His son, Jesus Suarez (a.k.a. Victor Gonzalez), reportedly died after stepping on an American cluster bomb. Jesus Suarez, who also entered this country illegally, had been offered posthumous citizenship for his service in the military, but his father turned it down. (His wife reportedly accepted the offer in order to safeguard the legal status of their child.) At his son’s funeral, Fernando recalled that Jesus had always wanted to become a Marine and be remembered as a modern day Aztec warrior. However, Fernando soon began shilling for Medea Benjamin and protesting against his son’s lifelong wish.

More troubling than the fact that Waxman’s letter probably sped those supplies through military security is the remaining question: Who was the intended recipient of this collection of left-wingers’ philanthropy?

Take Me to “The Other Side”

Medea Benjamin gave some indication in a story that ran on the Agence France Presse wire service on New Year’s Eve. “I don’t know of any other case in history in which the parents of fallen soldiers collected medicine…for the families of the ‘other side,’” Benjamin said. “It is a reflection of a growing movement in the United States…opposed to the unjust nature of this war.” Is it possible Medea intended to aid Iraqi terrorists?

Benjamin is well suited for that role. A lifelong revolutionary, she once described Castro’s Cuba as “heaven.” She helped stir revolutionary violence at home in 1999 as one of the instigators of Seattle’s anti-World Trade Organization riots and honed her rhetorical skills as a Green Party senatorial candidate in California (and author of the socialist utopian book I, Senator). However, Benjamin is best known as the founder of three of the Left’s most effective activist organizations: Global Exchange, Code Pink, and International Occupation Watch. Global Exchange takes American liberals on “reality” tours of third world nations, illustrating either the wonders of socialism (Cuba) or the iniquity of American foreign policy (Iraq, Afghanistan). Code Pink purports to be a grassroots organization of antiwar housewives, yet the core leadership met in the 1980s while working on behalf of Central American Communist guerrillas. In fact, at least one of Benjamin’s close associates has experience giving medical aid to the enemy: Code Pink leader Sandy “Sand” Brim flew in a surgeon to operate on Communist leader Nidia Diaz, whose men had recently killed four Marines.

In the Iraq war’s aftermath, Medea first tried to destabilize U.S. reconstruction efforts. Benjamin then attempted to sabotage Operation Iraqi Freedom by founding the Baghdad-based International Occupation Watch last summer, along with fellow radical Leslie Cagan, a Castro admirer who maintained her membership in the Communist Party USA even after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Upon returning to the States after IOW’s founding, Benjamin told a group of Green Party activists its purpose was to convince as many soldiers as possible to become conscientious objectors and get sent home. The ensuing juggernaut of rising casualties and dwindling human resources, she hoped, would force a speedy American retreat. This background has raised suspicions that the most recent trip is merely the next act in that drama. So, too, have her intended recipients and her companions on the journey.

Why Fallujah?

Of all the needy villages in Iraq, why did these Hate America leftists choose to deliver aid to a hotbed of terrorism like Fallujah? Possibly for that very qualification. U.S. forces just reopened the city to settlement last week, but even the recent assault against the terrorist stronghold has not fully quelled Fedayeen activity inside Fallujah. A bomb went off there as recently as December 17th.

Moreover, Fallujah’s refugees – the ones receiving Medea Benjamin’s largesse – have shown marked sympathy for the “insurgents” (terrorists) in their midst. “The mujahedeen are our sons,” said 62-year-old Umm Samir. “I would become a mujahedeen myself.” Later the native Fallujan told reporters the mutilation of four U.S. security workers was excusable. “Those people who dragged the Americans’ bodies through the streets, they certainly had had a brother or a father killed by the Americans; they had burnt hearts,” Umm averred. American troops had to stop a relief aid shipment from going into town in late November for fear it would fall into terrorist hands. Is there any assurance this most recent aid will not?

Medea Benjamin laid out a skeletal blueprint for American defeat in her essay “Toward a Global Movement,” which was published in Nation magazine. “Working with local communities where U.S. troops are based, let’s start a Bring All the Troops Home campaign to stop the expansion of U.S. bases and start dismantling some of the hundreds of existing bases overseas,” she wrote. She called upon these “grassroots teams” to “link up with appropriate local and regional groups” in terrorist states.

The activists she just led back from Fallujah also planned to “link up” in a joint protest with Jordanian “peace” groups, but the King’s authorities wisely intervened.

However, Medea Benjamin had three native Iraqi doctors distribute some of the aid she and the American leftists brought over.

Having natives distribute aid to a village known for its sympathy to anti-American murderers could have been the masterstroke necessary to get this aid into terrorists’ hands and at last bolster the hot war against the Great Satan. Locals would be more likely to know which families had ties to terror, or which had traditional sympathies with Saddam, and could steer the aid accordingly.

Medea Benjamin has the motive, and her allies have actively comforted our enemies before. And some in her recent Iraqi caravan have personal ties to terrorism.

The Players

In the weeks before their “humanitarian” trip, leftist “peace” organizations put forward a plea for cash to assist natives of Fallujah forced out by the “American occupation.” According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “The families and peace organizations raised $100,000 [in cash], while the Middle East Children’s Alliance and Operation USA contributed the remaining $500,000 in medical supplies.” Medea Benjamin and representatives of Global Exchange, Code Pink, International Occupation Watch, and other radical groups, brought the huge amount of aid into Iraq over the New Year’s holiday to present to “displaced refugees” from Fallujah, currently residing in refugee camps. The L.A. Times noted that United for Peace and Justice aided the fundraising efforts. Leslie Cagan founded UPFJ, supposedly as the “moderate” voice of the antiwar movement, though its demonstrations gave rise to heated extremist rhetoric.

What, then, is the Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA)? Despite its name, a large part of MECA’s resources are dedicated to influencing American foreign policy to the disfavor of Israel. Its current and former Board of Directors and Advisors reads like a who’s who of the loony Left: Noam Chomsky, Ron Dellums, Ramsey Clark, Edward Said, and Fathi Arafat – the brother of late PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat. MECA President Barbara Lubin told an Islamic website of her “support of organizations like Hizbullah.” Thus, another of the major sponsors has direct ties to terrorists in the area.

Who else took part in this mission to Fallujah?

Jodie Evans, a co-founder of Code Pink. As Jean Pearce has noted on FrontPage Magazine, Evans is also institutionally tied to Mike Roselle, founder of the domestic terrorist organization Earth Liberation Front (ELF), “which along with the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) is ranked the No. 1 domestic terrorism threat by the FBI. The FBI attributes over 600 criminal acts and $43 million in damages to the two groups since 1996.”

Since the start of the war, Evans has been busily recycling enemy propaganda. Evans claims, incredibly, “I met the person in charge of creating the new government today, he is part of an American Corporation of Generals, not even part of the American Government, and he said he was replacing one dictatorship with another and that Iraq would experience four governments in the next two years.” Likewise, she insists Iraqi churches were raising money for the terrorists. (The same churches those terrorists bombed.) She wails about observing “glue sniffing street children at the ankles of the too young GI’s,” as though American troops handed the kids bottles of Elmer’s. On the Code Pink blog for this trip, she has reverted to form by posting long, vicious, and unverifiable reports of mass atrocities:

The last few days we have been hearing stories from the Iraqis—terrible personal stories that exhaust us in their horror and the suffering that follows. It is so painful to watch these U.S. parents whose sons were killed in Iraq listening to the Iraqis whose lives have been devastated by the occupation—a mother whose son was shot in her arms and then watched helplessly as the soldiers stomped on the wound until he was dead, children having to witness the killing of their father, daughters raped and tortured…later to have an American Officer say they were sorry, that they had made a mistake.

Hany Khalil is the Organizing Coordinator for United for Peace and Justice, Racial Justice 9/11 and writer for the throwaway tabloid War Times. The Racial Justice 9/11 website proclaims, “Bush’s war on Iraq is the frontline of a racist war against Third World nations and communities of color at home…This builds on deep-rooted patterns of U.S. governments using racism to build support for colonial wars of conquest and to deprive people of color of their rights…The war on Iraq is the leading edge of the U.S. attempt to forcibly dominate and control the world.”

Khalil has a history of getting results from Iraqi terrorists. He drafted a letter to those “insurgents” who captured antiwar activists Simona Torretta and Simona Pari. He parroted the terrorists’ complaints, assured them that the two Simonas also opposed the “occupation,” and begged them to release their comrades. He even set up a website so others could sign their names to the virtual petition to the terrorists…And the two were later mysteriously freed. “I’m not sure why we were released,” said Torretta. “But I think the work we did contributed. In the car they asked us for forgiveness, and said they were sorry we had to leave Iraq and our work.” It doesn’t hurt to have friends who speak the terrorists’ language, either.

Khalil spoke at the national convention of the Young Democratic Socialists, vehemently supporting the Palestinian intifada. There, he reportedly compared “the United States’ restructuring of the Iraqi economy to Nazi occupation of Poland.” He has granted frequent interviews to the CPUSA People’s Weekly Worker and the Socialist Worker. He has also worked closely with the Palestinian organization Al-Awda and staged protests during this election’s political debates.

Gael Murphy, another Code Pink co-founder who also helped set up Occupation Watch. Gael admits “demonstrating” with Saddam loyalists against the forthcoming U.S.-led war during a two week visit to Iraq in February 2003 – one of her many prewar visits to the Ba’athist tyranny. She has since tied repeatedly to undermine the Iraqi interim government. Murphy added her signature – alongside Howard Zinn, Leslie Cagan, and the Communist Party USA – to letters to Bush and Kerry to end the “occupation” of Iraq. At home, she disrupted Dick Cheney’s speech at the Republican National Convention, interrupted Donald Rumsfeld as he was apologizing for a few soldiers’ excesses at the Abu Ghraib prison, and reportedly shouted obscenities at teenage Protest Warriors.

Malia Everette (or as she occasionally fancies herself, Malia Everette de la Campa), the Director of Global Exchange’s Reality Tours Program. With Benjamin’s Global Exchange, Malia has organized “about 60 trips a year” to Castro’s Cuba. Cuba is “Global Exchange’s most popular destination”; its tours are filled with multiple lectures a day, as well as meetings with “local activists.” In April 2001, Everette helped teenagers at Berkeley High School travel to Cuba, staying with “Cuban families.” The trip was purportedly “a real eye-opener” for the Communication Arts and Sciences classes at BHS about the United States’ devastating embargo and Cuba’s spectacular health care system. (E-mail her or

Dr. Jeffrey Ritterman, member-at-large of the steering committee of the Bay Area Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR). PSR founder Helen Caldicott, notorious for her pro-Soviet views, has collaborated with Ramsey Clark on a recent book. (Clark is now Saddam Hussein’s attorney.) PSR continues to strive for unilateral disarmament at home.

The cast of characters is alarming. Why, then, would Henry Waxman approve such a motley crew to slip through security while carrying goods to “the other side”?

The House of Waxman

Henry Waxman has become one of the Bush administration’s leading left-wing critics, particularly on foreign policy. Waxman, like John Kerry, voted to authorize the use of force in Iraq, then voted against the $87 billion to fund it. In his explanatory statement on the House floor on October 16, 2003, Waxman made the audacious claim, “The Bush administration’s Iraq policy has been grounded in secrecy, deceit, and politics…The intolerable reality is that they blatantly twisted intelligence information to fit preconceived policies.” A member of the Progressive Caucus, which collaborates with the Democratic Socialists of America, Waxman demanded to know the cost of Bush’s landing on the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln, as it had “clear political overtones”; he also claimed the president’s “Top Gun act” was “scary.” Waxman later accused President Bush and his cabinet of using forged evidence in tones so conspiratorial they inspired Lyndon LaRouche! More recently, he has introduced legislation to rob the president of his necessary ability to keep presidential documents secret. Waxman would love to see the president embarrassed over Iraq; the Congressman apparently did not carefully investigate his fellow travelers before vouching for their good intentions. It makes little difference: No responsible congressman would fail to investigate the backgrounds of those carrying contraband into a war zone before signing on the dotted line; and no responsible public steward would have vouched for a group of radicals whose overt goal is to see the U.S. military defeated in the Tigris-Euphrates.

According to Dr. Ritterman, the group plans a return trip with more aid in the future. The San Francisco Examiner stated: “Although they plan to return to the United States on Jan. 4, coalition members agreed that their efforts would not stop then. After all, part of the reason they are going is to determine the refugees’ future medical and logistical needs, said Dr. Jeff Ritterman, a Kaiser Permanente cardiologist who is going to represent Physicians for Social Responsibility.”

Perhaps next time Rep. Waxman will think twice before wishing them Godspeed.

This story originally appeared as the lead on Wednesday, January 5, 2005, on FrontPage Magazine.