Obama’s Greenbacks from Code Pink

IF THE MEDIA WERE COMPETENT, THE NAME JODIE EVANS would be as well-known as Jeremiah Wright.

According to Ralph Nader’s Public Citizen, Evans has bundled “at least $50,000” in donations for Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign. “Bundling” is a process in which people turn over a large number of “individual” political contributions as a group, in the hope of exerting greater influence if their candidate is elected.

According to Human Events reporter Catherine Moy, “Evans and her son, a student who lives at her Southern California address, each also gave the maximum individual allowable donation of $2,300 to Obama’s campaign.”

And who is Jodie Evans? A former political appointee of Jerry Brown during his tenure as governor of California and his presidential campaigns, Evans briefly made headlines in 2003 by arranging for women to claim Arnold Schwarzenegger groped them. However, she has kept lower company for the last few years. Her official biography states “her life has been consumed with Codepink: Women for Peace since September of 2002.”

In fact, Evans is a co-founder of the antiwar radical group Code Pink with Medea Benjamin. As I reported at the time, Evans and Code Pink delivered $600,000 in cash and supplies to “the other side” in Fallujah in December 2004. Rep. Henry Waxman, D-CA, signed the letter to get them to that city, a recent battlefield and stronghold for terrorists killing American soldiers.

In August 2006, she joined 11 other far-leftists in a Code Pink-sponsored trip to meet Iraqi “political leaders” with Benjamin, Cindy Sheehan, and Tom Hayden. Team member Geoffrey Millard referred to this trip as “diplomatic communication,” making such a trip potentially illegal, violating the prohibition for private citizens to conduct their own foreign policy. Among Iraqi parliamentarians, they met:

  • Sheikh Ahmad al-Kubaysi, who once declared foreign-born jihadists killing U.S. soldiers “very brave.” He added, “These Mujahideen are guaranteed Paradise.” He is said to have given militia leader Moqtada al-Sadr $50 million.
  • Saleh al-Mutlaq, the trip’s prime sponsor, who chided Americans for trying “to brand as terrorists the honorable national resistance movements,” adding, “We cannot give peace.”

Code Pink announced after this trip, “We left this historic meeting with a commitment to make sure that the voices of these Iraqi parliamentarians are heard here in the U.S.” Indeed, one delegation member, a DailyKos blogger who ran for Congress in 2006, blogged, “if justice is to ever come to the people of Iraq, the people we call insurgents will have to be recognized as the ones who are actually defending their homeland.”

Evans took the opportunity to praise Iraq…under Saddam Hussein:

Let’s go back to the Iraq before we invaded, there was a good education and health care system, food for everyone. That system didn’t belong to Saddam it belonged to the Iraqi, it belonged to years of creating what a civilization needed. If your parents didn’t send you to school they could be put in jail.

That Evans could write such words about a regime that often forced parents to watch their children being raped and tortured – even if they were favorable to Saddam’s government – strains credulity, but not more than anonymous allegations that American soldiers were plundering murderers.

Evans related that one nameless source told her, “We witnessed with our own experience how American tanks used to break Universities and asked people to loot them.”

Such operations were part of her long-term plan to sap American soldiers in Iraq of their will to fight. I also reported in July 2003, Jodie Evans sits on the Advisory Board of Iraq Occupation Watch (IOW), a group formed by Castroites Medea Benjamin and Leslie Cagan to convince American soldiers in Iraq to declare themselves “conscientious objectors” and get sent home. IOW similarly spread propaganda stories about American “atrocities” and emphasize stories of antiwar demonstrations at home to demoralize U.S. troops in battle.

Not limited to fawning over Middle Eastern dictators, Evans joined with Cindy Sheehan and Medea Benjamin to meet Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez in January 2006. Chavez, Sheehan claimed, was “a democratically elected leader who is very popular in his country.” (He is popular. Or else.) She and her fellow Code Pink radicals met with Chavez during the visit and even praised his singing voice.

As Jean Pearce has noted on FrontPage, Evans is also institutionally tied to Mike Roselle through the Board of Directors of the Rainforest Action Network. Roselle is the founder of the domestic terrorist organization Earth Liberation Front (ELF), “which along with the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) is ranked the No. 1 domestic terrorism threat by the FBI. The FBI attributes over 600 criminal acts and $43 million in damages to the two groups since 1996.”

Now she has found a new champion: Barack Obama. If he has any sense of decency, Obama should repudiate Evans. At a minimum, he should return her bundled contributions.

It is significant that Obama, his lapel stripped of any American flag pin, is a magnet for anti-American radicals like Evans, Wright, and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. Obama’s platform for near-instantaneous withdrawal from Iraq has increased his stock with Code Pink volunteers and, undoubtedly, their Iraqi counterparts. When those who hate this country need a domestic political front, they know who to call on: the Party of Defeat. Following Obama’s instructions, Jodie Evans has placed her “hope” in him. She longs for Americans to buy into his vapid elocutions and meaningless platitudes. And she is willing to put their money where her mouth is.

This article originally appeared as the lead story on Tuesday, April 15, 2008, on FrontPage Magazine.