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Tilting Toward Windmills

Texas legend T. Boone Pickens is a man with a mission: to reduce American dependence on fossil fuels. That the goal is worthwhile is undeniable. Whether his plan is right is another matter. What is indisputable are the chilling facts T. Boone relates in his online videos: In 1970, the United States imported 24 percent of its oil. In 1990, that had grown to 42 percent. It is now 70 … [Read more...]

“Goebbels With Better Hair”

When I referenced Tony Snow last Friday as one example of the Left’s death wish against their enemies, I had no idea he would be dead before the weekend was over. Snow served as the model for all future White House spokesmen, in addition to his accomplishments as a television journalist. His loss saddens everyone at FrontPage Magazine. Unfortunately, it has gladdened the hearts of many on the … [Read more...]

Assorted Nuts

Jesse Jackson has always been known for his oratory. This week was no different, though for once his words revealed the content of his character and the temperament of the modern leftist warrior. Over a hot Fox News mic, the good reverend whispered his assessment of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama. “Barack been [sic] talking down to black people,” he said. “I want to … [Read more...]