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How Does He Help?

Hearkening back to the selection of Dick Cheney as George W. Bush’s running mate, the media have parroted the same line: Joseph Biden brings “gravitas” to the Obama ticket. Unfortunately, the Biden pick is to gravitas what a forest fire is to home equity. In reality, Biden emphasizes every one of Obama’s vices while muffling his own virtues as a candidate. He shares most of Obama’s weaknesses, … [Read more...]

Barack’s “Tragic” Emphasis

AS THE NATION CONTEMPLATES WHETHER BARACK OBAMA BELONGS IN THE SAME CATEGORY AS BRITNEY SPEARS AND PARIS Hilton, a more fruitful question suggests itself: Can Barack Obama go the rest of the campaign without demeaning the country he seeks to lead? Backlash over John McCain’s “Celebrity” advertisement and Obama’s playing the race card (who would have seen that coming?) drowned out far more … [Read more...]