MSNBC: Ed Schultz Knows the English Language

Ed Schultz, the Left’s spokesperson fer jest-plain-folks, attempted to belittle Karl Rove on “Psycho Talk” but ended up belittling himself. He singled out an interview Rove did on Fox News about the dangers of giving far-Left Congressmen classified information. In that, Rove noted the anger leftists had over not being briefed about a CIA proposal that was never operational. Schultz singled out this Rove quotation as beyond the pale:  “We, the left-wing in Congress, want you to brief us on ideas you have, not necessarily on programs.”

Schultz began with his characteristic eloquence: “UH, let’s be clear. This was not an idea; this was a plan.”

Thanks for clarifying that, Ed.

A scheme by any other name is still hypothetical.

Jacob Laksin’s lead story at FrontPage Magazine outlines the manufactured controversy.

This story originally appeared on Wednesday, July 15, 2009, on NewsRealblog.