MSNBC: Rachel Maddow Demonizes Ned Flanders

Not long ago, Democrats, chastened in the 2004 election by “values voters,” embarked upon a campaign to communicate their new-found, lifelong values. To this end, Democratic candidates began repeating the Name of Jesus more often than Billy Graham in a series of crusades and Larry David in his entire HBO series combined. But they could not long maintain the charade.

On her program tonight, Rachel Maddow launched her second straight day of Cassandra cries on the C Street home, a house in Washington, D.C., which hosts Bible studies for Congressmen and organizes the annual National Prayer Breakfast; its sponsor has organized prayer rallies for Mideast peace and instigated an eventual peace treaty between Rwanda and Congo. Maddow has painted the organization, “The Family,” as a shadowy group of right-wing theocrats.

Maddow failed to inform her viewers that, according to the far-Left DailyKos blog, among onetime associates of The Family is the rabid right-winger Hillary Clinton. Clinton, who once had a White House séance to communicate with the ghosts of Eleanor Roosevelt and Mahatma Gandhi, joined a Family Bible study in the 1990s. The DailyKos take? “Fundamentalism is not the religion of the GOP, it is the established religion in Washington and it to some extent maintains control over both parties.” [sic.] (Current Democratic C Street residents include Congressmen Rep. Mark Doyle and Bart Stupak.)

Rachel Maddow hit upon another conspiracy, as well: she claimed Monday that a Congressman “described one of the most worrying aspects of this shadowy, powerful organization: its secrecy.”

Maddow was building on her Friday program, when she expressed outrage that two C Street residents, John Ensign and Mark Sanford, “say now that they disclosed [their extramarital] affairs to other members of Congress and other people affiliated with this secretive religious group for a long time while the affairs continued, and while they were kept secret from the world at large. This organization was allowed to know but nobody else was.”

Maddow may be interested to know that dastardly “religious secrecy” is more widespread than she ever dared dream. There is a worldwide organization so powerful that scores of Congressmen, prime ministers, and even crowned heads of state whisper their secret sins in a dark, hidden place – even though those sins may go on for years, or their whole lives. The members of that group who hear these confessions must keep “absolute” secrecy, upon pain of serious discipline by the organization. (Imagine, people whose first inclination is not to run to the media. They treat personal sins with greater delicacy than Democrats treat CIA secrets.) Why, there’s probably even one of their outposts in Maddow’s own town.

Perhaps the only thing more ridiculous than Maddow’s clueless response to Christian counseling is her attempt to make the organization threatening. Last Friday, Maddow interviewed author Jeff Sharlet, who “infiltrated” the group and wrote an “expose” remarkable for how boring it is. Apparently the cabal centers mostly around memorizing Scripture, praying, and basketball. Sharlet’s other revelations include:

  • “To the Family, Jesus is not just a name; he is also a real man.”
  • The C Street “regimen was so precise it was relaxing: no swearing, no drinking, no sex, no self.”
  • One boarder took a vow of “abstaining from ‘shady’ R-rated movies, lest they provoke dreams of women.”

Only the Left can demonize Ned Flanders.

This story originally appeared on Tuesday, July 14, 2009, on NewsRealblog.