Outraged by People Power

One of the enduring myths of the Left is that it somehow represents the common man. Both objective data and public perception show the Democrats are a party of elitists who look down upon the unenlightened hayseeds residing in Jesusland. MSNBC’s Ed Schultz demonstrated this last night with his outrage over a new Gallup poll that shows 34 percent of Americans feel the townhall health care “protests make them more sympathetic to the protesters’ viewpoints.”

Worked into a proper lather, Schultz spoke to Linda Douglass, White House Communications Director for Health Care Reform. Douglass was last seen in a video statement enlisting Americans to snitch on other Americans and lying about President Obama’s professed support for a universal, single-payer health care system.

Douglass commended her boss for his courageous stance at highly scripted public meetings, saying Obama “brought some of the misinformation up himself so that he could answer the questions himself. He’s looking forward to doing that.” This is the Left’s idea of robust debate: allowing the president to dispatch strawmen. Even the New York Times has acknowledged Obama’s tendency to invent and then destroy spurious opposition.

What leftists like Schultz and Douglass — and Obama — fear is the common man, as represented by housewife and mother Katy Abram, flag enthusiast Kenneth Gladney, and the 53 percent of the American people who oppose ObamaCare. Most Americans lack the “intellectual sophistication” necessary to become a Euro-socialist — another blessing of liberty — but they recognize common sense when they hear it expressed by their fellow citizens in a public forum. That’s why socialized medicine is sinking as the American people exert the power of an informed citizenry. This reaction of 34 percent of Americans gives us all hope for a political and economic course correction.

To the Left, threatened by this surge in political consciousness, there is a simpler answer: abolish the people.

This story originally appeared on Friday, August 14, 2009, on NewsRealblog.