MSNBC: Opposing Obama’s Olympic Push “Rivals Jane Fonda Sitting on a Gun in North Vietnam”

See Big Ed decry the Republicans' "lack of patriotism."

See Big Ed decry conservatives’s “lack of patriotism.”

In the misty past of ten months ago, dissent was patriotic, mass protests were a sign of passionate civic engagement, and the greatest sin any politician could commit was questioning someone’s patriotism. But that was America, B.B.O. (Before Barack Obama). Now dissent is potential incitement, middle American protesters are Swastika-carrying yokels, and disagreeing with a president’s decision to put his hometown above the well-being of troops in Afghanistan demonstrates a “lack of patriotism.”

On Friday’s edition of MSNBC’s “The Ed Show,” Ed Schultz blamed Chicago’s first-round rejection to be the host site of the 2016 Olympics, not on Rio or behind-the-scenes maneuvering, but on American conservatives who questioned whether Obama ought to spend more time finalizing his Afghanistan strategy — incredibly saying their actions were comparable to Jane Fonda’s in Vietnam.

He began by blaming the loss, not on Obama’s failed full court press, but on Republicans….

You can hang it right on the right-wing talkers, and yes, the Republican Party. Their negativity and lack of patriotism underscores just how damaged the country has become over the last eight years…Their negativity in the 11th hour just cost this country billions of dollars in economic development and hundreds of thousands of jobs — and I might add, union jobs that are greatly needed…This is not a failure of President Obama. This is a failure of Republican Party, the right-wing talkers in this country that openly, openly, campaigned against the Olympics by denigrating the president again.

This is not a failure of Obama? He made it the highest profile event of the week — dispatching Michelle and Oprah Winfrey as emissaries of Chicago, then personally pleading in a futile effort to land the games…in a way that may have benefited his political cronies. Yet again, the charm offensive fell short. Big Ed blamed those who tried to warn him, equating their domestic statements with Jane Fonda’s propaganda broadcast against U.S. troops in the field:

The same crowd that says they support the troops didn’t support the United States getting the Olympics. They only support the troops when it’s good for them. They only support America when it’s good for them. They only support America when it’s good for their political agenda. What the Republicans did I think rivals Jane Fonda sitting on a gun in North Vietnam.

So, Rush Limbaugh is no different than this:

Jane Fonda in North Vietnam

This is part of the Left’s ongoing attempt to equate conservative deviation from the left-wing party line with…the left-wing party line. Until Kruschev’s secret speech, the Left looked to the Soviet Union as a beacon of socialism in practice. The New Left idolized Cuba, then sent its faithful on pilgrimages of North Vietnamese “rice roots democracy.” After the slaughter of more than a million Southeast Asians, Fonda and her ilk moved on, to pictures of Daniel Ortega wearing sunglasses and now draws hope from figures like Hugo Chavez. But as they change the beneficiaries of their useful idiocy, they blame the crimes of their last heroes on conservatives. Thus, today’s history-challenged (and irony-impaired) leftists sometimes call conservatives “Stalinists.” Such is the lot of those who cannot face up to the consequences of shilling for totalitarians.

Opposing a sitting president wasting an entire week obsessing over the Olympics, while refusing to commit to a strategy to win a declining war in Afghanistan has got to be the flimsiest excuse yet for equating anti-Communists with traitors.

Leave it to MSNBC.


This article originally appeared on Saturday, October 3, 2009, on NewsRealblog.