Educating the Left: Here Are Some Real Hate Signs

This Is Racism, Huh?
This is racism, huh?

Before Keith Olbermann accused Rep. Michelle Bachmann of fomenting a rebellion, MSNBC’s David Shuster had already hiked the old hyperbole trail. Sitting in for Ed Schultz on The Ed Show, Shuster insisted the rally opposing President Obama’s socialized medicine bill “had all the trappings of a proverbial orgy of bigotry, racism, anti-Semitism, and hate!” In fact, one sign alleged contained “a reference to right-wing claims that the president is secretly a Muslim terrorist!” (Emphasis Shuster’s.)

As usual, he could not produce these references to racism, anti-Semitism, or Obama-secretly-got-Islamic-terrorist-training-ism. Even the Huffington Post, with its “12 Most Offensive Signs from Bachmann’s Tea Party,” found only one sign (a reference to Dachau) that was over-the-top. Despite the underwhelming nature of his evidence, Shuster pumped up the hate.

In a panel discussion about the economy minutes later, an enraged Bill Press challenged Republican Ron Christie, “You show me one sign that any Code Pink protester ever had that matches that disgusting stuff we saw yesterday in front of the U.S. Capitol.”

I’ll see ya and raise ya. A few years ago, I put together a page for FrontPage Magazine featuring some of the most disturbing signs “peace” protesters had carried up to that point. Here a few images from that cache:


Despite the Left’s best efforts to paint middle American anti-socialists as extremists, the fringe was out in force at these “peace” marches, so often addressed by Congressional Democrats. Aside from the protests’ organizers — International ANSWER, United for Peace and Justice, and Not In Our Name — there were certain conspicuous participants:

Not long ago, John Perazzo pointed readers to a source of more recent signs, nearly all calling for George W. Bush’s assassination. (As I have noted, the Left regularly implored someone to kill President Bush in cold blood.)

Again, here are the Huffington Post‘s 12 Most Offensive Signs.

The disconnect between the media’s coverage of these two rallies make Ron Christie’s words seem prophetic:

These are normal Americans, and this is where the Democrats act at their peril. You are gonna find Democrats thrown out of office — you’re going to be able to put them in a phone booth next year — because of the disgraceful and the condescending manner in which they treat normal American citizens who elect these people into office.

This article originally appeared on Saturday, November 7, 2009, on NewsRealblog.