Marc Lamont Hill — Back at Fox?

He’s ba-aaack. Or at least, he seems to be.

Bill O’Reilly’s impact segment on tonight’s edition of “The O’Reilly Factor” featured a discussion about providing health care for illegal immigrants between O’Reilly and none other than Marc Lamont Hill.  As I noted on October 16, Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media (AIM) reported Fox News had fired Marc Lamont Hill. Hill later confirmed this to The Huffington Post.

The firing occurred after David Horowitz revealed Hill’s admiration of Assata Shakur, a cop-killer who fled for refuge to Castro’s Cuba. Kincaid then devoted a number of articles to Hill’s heroes, including Louis Farrakhan, Mumia Abu Jamal, and Fidel Castro.

(NewsReal’s extensive coverage of Hill’s pro-cop-killer radicalism continues herehere, hereherehereherehereherehere, and here.) As Kincaid pushed Rupert Murdoch about Hill’s radicalism at NewsCorp’s annual meeting, Murdoch stated Hill had been “fired” the previous week.

If Hill has returned to Fox’s airwaves, Fox is the poorer for it. We admire Fox’s commitment to present conflicting viewpoints, but there are any number of other, more articulate leftists than Hill, leftists whose expertise is not in “hip-hop” and who do not lionize cold-blooded murderers. Their responsibility should be rewarded with the remainder of Hill’s contract. Fox should begin by sending the message that once someone lionizes cop-killers and totalitarian monsters, he is no longer welcome in an international media forum.

This article originally appeared on NewRealblog, the blog associated with, on December 8, 2009.