Obama’s Latest Stealth Amnesty

Although a large majority of Americans support enforcing immigration law, the Obama administration has undertaken a series of steps to impose amnesty upon the country by fiat. Administration officials are largely ignoring the law, forbidding local officers from keeping their communities safe, and preparing a federally imposed plan of amnesty without a single representative voting on it – all to secure a loyal Democratic voting bloc.

Part of Barack Obama’s plan to “fundamentally transform” the American electorate is to admit as many illegal aliens as possible, and then grant them amnesty. Since Arizona passed S.B. 1070 to enforce federal immigration law against the president’s targeted demographic, the Obama administration has sued the state and legally harassed Sheriff Joe Arpaio for “racially profiling” illegal aliens on the Mexican border. The bill requires the illegals be stopped for some other violation, such as a traffic violation.

Not surprisingly, a new draft memo has appeared instructing all law enforcement – including any “state, local, or tribal officer” – that no one “should not issue detainers against an alien charged only with a traffic-related misdemeanor.” These stops often net one or more illegal immigrants. Now, the policeman can only arrest a suspect if he commits some other crime – like, perhaps, killing him. That’s what happened to Deputy Frank Fabiano Jr. of Kenosha County, Wisconsin, during a routine traffic stop in 2007. His murderer, Ezeiquel Lopez-Quintero, was an illegal with four prior arrests. The federal statute would gut the popular Arizona law and any similar bill passed by another state.

If such cases make it to court, Obama simply drops them. The Department of Homeland Security made headlines just today when word leaked the agency was systematically dismissing “thousands” of deportation cases pending against illegal immigrants nationwide – 2,500 in Houston alone. Last week, John Morton wrote a memo that could let off as many as 17,000 illegals who are related to American citizens.

Also today, DHS gave the word that Secretary Janet Napolitano is likely to ignore a congressionally mandated program to assure legal immigrants do not overstay their visas by fingerprinting them as they leave. Some 4045 percent of all illegal immigrants – that is, 6-10 million people – have entered the country this way.

These stealth amnesty measures for traffic violators and visa-holders should ring an eerie echo for all Americans. Six of the 9/11 hijackers overstayed their visas, and two were stopped for a non-violent traffic arrest.

Although some of the hijackers arrived on student visas, the Obama administration has also exempted all otherwise-law abiding illegals of college age. The New York Times reported that the government has stopped deporting young illegals earlier this month – an exemption that applies to 726,000 people. Why? Tuscon’s KGUN-TV reports the case of Marlen Moreno, a woman brought to America illegally as a young girl who was about to be deported. Instead, Napolitano allowed her to stay an extra year:

The reason: If passed, she would be eligible for the DREAM act.

The DREAM Act allows illegals who complete two years of college or receive an honorable discharge to receive amnesty. Although the bill has not passed, and admitting thousands of poorly educated young people into underfunded colleges would have disastrous effects on higher education, Obama is keeping these illegals on hand in case the Democratic majority rams it through during a lame duck session.

Amnesty may come even if Congress does nothing. In June, the Center for Immigration Studies obtained a memo from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services that threatened to impose amnesty by fiat. It discussed “meaningful immigration reform absent legislative action” by “issuing new guidance and regulations, exercising discretion with regard to parole-in-place, deferred action” and “process improvements.” Although Obama administration officials insist the memo was merely a “draft” that somehow got put together – a creative, amnesty-granting snafu – former Bush administration officials who were part of behind-the-scenes talks vouch that the fascist plan is on the table.

It is no wonder the ICE union passed a vote of no confidence against John Morton, who is in charge of (non-)enforcement. Obama appointed Harold Hurtt head of ICE’s “state and local coordination” office, although Hurtt is an advocate of sanctuary cities and an opponent of local immigration enforcement.

Obama is stalling immigration’s enforcement and prevention machinery in hopes of legalizing the alien population and turning them into loyal Democratic voters.

Although 68 percent of Americans support building a border fence, the federal government has built only half of the 700-mile fence authorized in 2006 – at least, only half is an actual fence. An additional 300 miles of “fence” stop automobiles but not humans. Some of the fence is “wildlife friendly” – allowing animals and humans to cross. One such stretch borders the farm of Robert Krentz, who was allegedly murdered by an illegal alien in March.

Some of his defenders point to the fact that fines on employers are up – a welcome development – tripling to $3 million. However, Fox News found “arrests and deportations of illegals taken into custody at work sites plummeted by more than 80 percent from the last year of the Bush administration.” Coincidentally, this strategy raises much-needed funds for Obama’s Big Government schemes while leaving illegal immigrants free to wait for amnesty.

Despite media reports of record-breaking enforcement, experts find deportations have fallen for the first time since 2002.

Pretenses of “cracking down on the border” are Obama’s way of quelling unrest so he can pass “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.” President George W. Bush did the same thing the last two years of his presidency. In fact, the Secure Communities program responsible for the majority of Obama’s deportations this year began in 2007 under Bush.

ICE is ignoring the will of the people because 67 percent of Hispanics voted for Barack Obama in 2008. So did 79 percent of Hispanic youth – the beneficiaries of the DREAM Act. If they were citizens, their sheer numbers would swallow up many bastions of traditional conservatism, and their voting patterns would ensure a left-wing majority for decades to come. No wonder the Center for Immigration Studies is hosting a conference asking, “Can Conservatism Survive Mass Immigration?”

The better question is, Can America survive Obama?

This article originally appeared on Wednesday, August 25, 2010, on ImpeachObamaCampaign.com.