Video: AZ Governor Learned About UN Report from Us

It’s not bad enough the Obama administration has hauled Arizona before the United Nations “Human Rights Council” for its overwhelmingly popular immigration law. Last night, Governor Jan Brewer told Greta Van Susteren the administration did not have the decency to tell her the state’s lawmakers had been put on the same level as Cuban jailers and North Korean torturers. Instead, Brewer said she learned about the lawsuit “on the internet.”

Since we broke the story, that means ultimately she learned about it from us. This development means two things.

First, it shows the desperation of the Obama administration. Despite intense legal harassment of the state and its law enforcement — including a new lawsuit filed against ten community colleges near Phoenix — the state has not buckled in fear. Governor Brewer, State Senator Russell Pearce, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio are defending the will of Arizona — and nearly three-quarters of all Americans — against a thuggish regime that ignores the rule of law and imposes its will by judical fiat. As even that appeal may be headed for failure, Obama threw a “Hail Mary” pass to the UN’s international socialists. All the left-wing activists, politicians, and judges are falling before the courageous people defending a simple law that merely endorses the federal government’s own standards.

Second, it shows the importance of new media: the internet, talk radio, and the few television reporters who broke the media blackout. Any of the elite media’s reporters could have read the report and documented its contents, but they didn’t. It was left to this reporter and this website.

Stay tuned for more stories the media will not report (until we force them to). Just this afternoon, Neil Cavuto hosted a segment on Fox News noting the same UN Human Rights report considers “card check” union organizing a human right.” (See below.) By now you have probably heard” the report “includes a reference to Arizona’s immigration law,” he began. “What you have not heard is that it also includes a complaint of the difficulty of forming unions right here in the U.S. of A.” But if you have read this website in the last week, you had already heard both stories. So, check in regularly and sign up for our updates, and together we will hold this out-of-control administration’s feet to the fire.

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