Baiting Boehner

Boehner or Pelosi?

Who do you think scares the American people more?

The Associated Press today has a story confirming what we all knew: The Democrats as a party have gone into full Alinsky mode against John Boehner. Obama rolled out the strategy at his Obama used his poorly attended speech in Parma, Ohio, last week. An Obama media advisor, Jim Margolis, explained that any strategy his boss might use to blame-shift the sinking economy “requires giving a face to the policy.” Astute observers will recognize Obama’s longstanding penchant for humiliating or demonizing his opponents as Saul Alinsky’s Rule #13: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

The Democratic Party as a whole is practicing Alinsky’s rule, debuting a nationwide commercial this week to whip up panic about Big Bad John. Obama’s decision reveals only his own desperation, disconnect, and dimwittedness.

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The Hill reported Democrats “believe this strategy [of invoking the specter of Boehner-rule] will work because of Boehner’s support for Bush-era policies, notably his call for an extension of all the tax cuts ushered in by President George W. Bush.” Tax cuts — there’s an unpopular policy. There are more serious problems with Obama’s midterm strategy.

Few people know who John Boehner is, and fewer still curl into the fetal position thinking about him. A vision of his becoming House Speaker fills the average American with deep and abiding indifference.

Secondly, unless the voter happens to live in western Ohio, Boehner will not be on the ballot. In 237 House districts, a Democratic incumbent closely associated with Obama will be.

More appropriately yet, the average American does not and will not fear John Boehner nearly as much as it does Nancy Pelosi. A CNN poll declares Pelosi “the most unpopular Democrat in Washington nowadays.” It found Madam Speaker’s negatives have exceeded the toxic 50 percent level for nearly a year. Less than half that many Americans hold a negative view of Boehner — or any view at all. Pelosi has famously told the American people they must pass ObamaCare before they will decide what is in the bill; she has rubber-stamped the largest increase in the national debt in history; and Democratic members of “the most ethical” Congress in history continue to regular charges of impropriety. Even in the realm of cosmetic alteration, he’s not as scary. He glows in the dark, but at least he can blink. Asking the voter to weigh the alternatives of Speaker Boehner vs. Speaker Pelosi is even less electorally viable than asking voters whether Obama has done a good job as president. The average voter would be willing to make the bet that, this time, change is good.

What lured Obama into this is the fact that he and others on the Left actually believe the average American is as filled with self-hatred as they are. Obama blithely equated Senator Tom Coburn with Weather Underground terrorist, and Obama fundraiser, Bill Ayers, not seeing the comparison of a Marxist fanatic and a pro-life physician as in any way inexact. Liberals rail against their anti-heroes — Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and “Fox News” — convinced an army of latte-sipping metrosexuals is seething along with them. They do not seem to realize the number one talk show and the number one news network have to get their viewers somewhere.

Glenn Beck did not turn out hundreds of thousands of Americans for his “Restoring Honor” rally by having unions bus them in, as the Left does. These were hard-working, or unwillingly unworking, Middle Americans who sacrificed personal comforts to come to the Lincoln Memorial. They see the United States as “a nation adrift,” and rightly conclude a return to America’s Godly heritage is our only solution.

The seething secularists cannot fathom anything more important than building the permanent left-wing army, or anyone who does not make this his life’s highest priority. Again, Saul Alinsky wrote, “From the moment an organizer enters a community, he lives, dreams, eats, breathes, sleeps only one thing, and that is to build the mass power base of what he calls the army.” The American taxpayer is sick of funding Obama’s recruiting efforts and, if it had the opportunity, would like to change commanders. The president began elevating Boehner as his opposite number beginning with a speech in Boehner’s home state of Ohio, for some inexplicable reason giving voters almost an exact opportunity to swap him for a generic Republican. Obama wanted to be the king-killer, calling out the Republican House leader for a showdown in front of his home state.

The president’s favorite movie is The Godfather. It makes one wonder if he ever saw Rocky II.

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