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GOP Promises: Obama Investigations Are Coming

As news has broken overnight that an Obama administration official may have perjured himself about the dismissal of the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case, Congressional Republicans have promised they will investigate Barack Obama’s crimes in the new year. The Hill newspaper reports today Congressman Darrell Issa’s “Oversight and Government Reform Committee anticipate a ramp-up of … [Read more...]

Gays in the Military? Thank Pro-Gay “Conservatives”

Those who oppose treating the military as a social engineering laboratory for the Gay Left’s agenda should consider turning their ire against a new target: pro-gay “conservatives” and their establishment Republican allies. As I noted two weeks ago, U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips ruled the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy “unconstitutional” — a decision that certainly … [Read more...]

Science Czar Wants A $1.4 Trillion UN Tax

Next Wednesday, Barack Obama is scheduled to address a United Nations summit calling for a “small global tax” on the U.S. economy and hundreds of millions more dollars in U.S. aid — and some of his advisers do not believe that is enough. Obama will speak to the UN Summit on Millennium Development Goals, a global “anti-poverty” blueprint that calls for $845 billion in foreign aid from the U.S. … [Read more...]

Help Nail Obama For Corruption

Congressional Republicans are gearing up to investigate Barack Obama’s corruption — and they want your help. Obama’s $862 billion stimulus boondoggle, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, included funding for a less-than-stimulating measure. The government “highly recommended” every state erect highway signs promoting Obama’s big government spending and often advertising the president or … [Read more...]

Is Obama a Tool of Wall Street and Unions?

Although the media would have Americans believe there were no two groups more different, Wall Street and Big Labor have a few things in common. Both are overcompensated; both are major donors to the Democratic Party; and both have Barack Obama looking out for their interests. Obama’s long history of doing the bidding of unions is hardly a secret. Then-president of SEIU Andy Stern was the most … [Read more...]

Dems Hold Military Hostage Over Amnesty

The Left has shown its colors once again. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has just attached a provision to a military funding bill that would grant amnesty to a whole class of illegal immigrants. The provision, known as the DREAM Act, would allow those who can “prove” they illegally broke into this country as children the right to full American citizenship if they attend college or join the … [Read more...]

Govt To Investigate Obama’s Big Labor Bailout

Barack Obama is facing yet another well-deserved corruption investigation. Neil Barofsky, the special inspector general who oversees federal bailouts, has announced he will look into what the New York Times calls “a lingering mystery”: why the government fully funded the pensions of union workers at Delphi following Obama’s hostile takeover of General Motors, while the government simultaneously … [Read more...]

Obama Uses Your Money To Monitor The Media, Outsource Jobs, And Teach Kenyans Genital Hygiene

The American people often complain that the government “isn’t listening.” The Obama administration continually proves it is listening intently to every word uttered about it, and monitoring the speakers. The latest outrage involves the federal government awarding $18,000 in taxpayer dollars to John Brooks Rice to monitor media coverage of Obama’s handling of the BP oil spill. Rice watched news … [Read more...]

Obama Threw “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Case

The voice of Terry Jones threatening to burn 200 Korans drowned out most other news last week, so some may be unaware that U.S. District Judge Virginia A. Phillips ruled Thursday that the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy was unconstitutional. Phillips, who was appointed to the bench by Bill Clinton, claimed excluding homosexuals from the military violated the First and Fifth Amendments, … [Read more...]

Obama’s Aunt is a Chip off the Old Shoulder

Zeituni Onyango is the 58-year-old Kenyan-born aunt of Barack Hussein Obama, and next to Valerie Jarrett, she seems to be the person who best understands his political philosophy. At a time when unprecedented deficits and swelling government dependence nudge the economy toward a Greek-style debt crisis, this illegal alien who has never paid a dime in (U.S.) taxes receives public housing and a $700 … [Read more...]