Once And Future Congressman: GOP Must Confront Obama “Up To And Including Impeachment”

One of the chief questions facing conservatives is not whether Barack Obama is guilty of impeachable offenses — it is whether Republicans will have the courage to do anything about it once elected. At least one gutsy former Congressman seeking to regain his old seat has the temerity to say impeachment will remain on the table.

Republican Tim Walberg represented Michigan’s 7th Congressional district until Barack Obama’s wave election swept the conservative out of office. Democrat Mark Schauer narrowly defeated Walberg during Michigan’s 2008 Obama blowout, and this November could be a prime time for Walberg to regain his seat from voters in the state hardest hit by Obama’s Great Recession.

Walberg told a town hall audience last week the president should dispel rumors about his eligibility by unveiling his full birth certificate.  He stated, “I’m going to take him at his word that he’s an American citizen.” However, the president should show his full, long-form birth certificate to a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers and journalists — including Congressional leaders of both parties, a representative of the judiciary, Alan Colmes, and Rush Limbaugh. Walberg said in that situation, “I would lay out my birth certificate on the table” and tell those who verified it, “Now go and report it.”

The trouble, he said, is that no one is holding the executive branch accountable. The powers of the presidency are such that “the Executive has an awful lot of power to keep from showing certain things unless the courts will stand up to him.”

Then Walberg laid the i-word out on the table.

“Or unless Congress, in majority, will stand up,” he said, “up to and including impeachment.”

This makes Walberg the most outspoken candidate yet to say a lawless president must be held accountable by the constitutional mechanism our Founding Fathers placed at the people’s disposal for the, disposal, of reckless and unconstitutional leaders like Barack Hussein Obama.

The double invocation of the president’s birth certificate and the steel-spined courage to impeach the president if necessary is sure to make Walberg a bigger target than he was before the remark.

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has launched a direct mail campaign against him.  SEIU has spent more than $1.3 million in the last 30 days on midterm elections nationwide. The AFL-CIO has made re-electing Schauer a “top priority.” Schauer recently broke a fundraising record, raking in more than $550,000 in the last fiscal quarter — more than any candidate in his district’s history.

It is clear why Big Labor is muscling up for Schauer — he is perhaps their most servile political asset not currently residing in the White House. The Battle Creek Democrat has compiled a left-wing voting record on virtually every component of the unions’ socialist agenda. He has a perfect, 100 percent voting record from SEIU, the AFL-CIO, the American Federaton of Government Employees, Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and the League of Conservation Voters. For years, the greatest comprehensive measure of a candidate’s liberalism was made by the far-Left Americans for Democratic Action; Schauer earned a spot as an “ADA Hero.”

Conversely, he has an eight percent ranking from the National Taxpayers Union and the American Conservative Union. The NRA grades his view of our Second Amendment freedoms a D-.

One could scarcely imagine a greater contrast than his predecessor, Tim Walberg. Walberg, who lives in the tiny town of Tipton, is a former pastor who acted as division manager of Moody Bible Institute before retiring to run for Congress.

With his district’s heavy buyer’s remorse, Schauer has stooped to playing the MediScare card — a tactic fresh from the Democratic talking points of 1964. The ploy is so old it could be eligible for Social Security itself. Schauer whipped up an ad with angry senior citizens screaming Tim Walberg’s name, outraged he called the bankrupt system “worthless” and that Walberg referred to the wealth-transfer as “a Ponzi scheme.” The ad so completely panders (and condescends) to Schauer’s seniors that the actors in the ad reproduce older Michigan voters’ dialect of mispronouncing “Soash-curity.”

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But Walberg is right; Social Security is bankrupt and needs to be rethought. MediScare is disingenuous and counterproductive. It is certainly long past time it, and its practitioners, were retired.

If this public servant with a strong moral compass retakes his old seat, it seems unlikely he will be persuaded to look the other way at Obama’s lawlessness. Nor will most Republicans — if conservatives do not declare “victory” with a putatively Republican majority in Congress next month and go home. Instead, we must hold our elected officials’ feet to the fire — as we irresponsibly failed to do after the 1994 and 2000 elections.

If we stand together and demand our servants serve us, impeachment is all but assured. Even Jonathan Chait of The New Republic magazine believes impeachment is a certainty in a GOP-controlled Congress…eventually.

It is the duty of every conservative to assure the move to impeachment is only the first step to restoring a Constitutional government to the halls of power.