Left-Wing Blog: Should We Support Obama’s Impeachment?

With Barack Obama’s crimes against liberty becoming increasingly brazen, calls for his impeachment have intensified. Although it is still rare to find support for impeachment on the Left, that trend may be changing. An entry at the far-Left blog Firedoglake.com openly questions whether “progressives” would be better off if impeachment hearings begin. The FDL entry asks:

Maybe we should help the Republicans impeach Obama?

Hang with me on this for a few minutes.  Let me try to explain.  I’m trying to think outside the box.

I think everyone knows that Obama will be impeached in the House.  I see some heads shaking, but trust me on this.  There will be a vote to impeach Obama in the House.

The FDL entry notes, “Dems in the House fully expect [impeachment] from the Republicans.” It continues:

“Impeach Obama for WHAT?” you ask.  Hey, Dems are not running the show, so it doesn’t matter what impeachment is supposedly based on.  I got a flyer from [T]he Conservative Caucus on pushing Congress on impeachment hearings and an eventual vote

You can read this author’s previous story about the 17-page impeachment package some 5,000 activists nationwide have received from the National Campaign for an Impeachment Inquiry, an undertaking of The Conservative Caucus (TCC) chaired by Howard Phillips. You can read the full text of the flyer here.

The FDL entry says the flyer is proof “the energy and drive for Obama’s impeachment is certainly there on the Right” — and suggests that same passion should take root on the Left:

OK.  If all of the above is true, how does this help progressives?  There is no way that impeachment gets past the Senate…But what if the Dems in the Senate decided to let Obama sweat during an impeachment trial? Could progressive in Congress ring concessions out of Obama for their votes during his impeachment trial? Would Obama renege on any concessions to progressives during the heat of an impeachment trial?  Could the possibility of an impeachment trial force Obama to change?

In a novel approach, the blog suggests impeaching Obama as a form of left-wing blackmail:

I bring all this up because I am frustrated as all of you are with Obama, and I am looking for any tool that will alter his behavior.  The only thing that seems to do the trick with Obama is power…Maybe letting Obama’s enemies give him a near death experience might force Obama to capitulate to progressives?

This entry is another in the explosion of media talk about, or calls for, impeaching Barack Hussein Obama. The interesting aspect of this call for impeachment from the Left is its innovative reasoning. It shows a growing chorus of Americans favor impeaching Barack Obama, albeit for conflicting reasons.

As I have noted on this website, Democrats interested in maintaining their political viability have many reasons to want to be free of ObamAlbatrossThe Huffington Post has noted 2012 could be worse for Democrats than 2010 if an unpopular president heads the ticket. A recent Associated Press-Knowledge Networks poll found that 47 percent of Democrats and 29 percent of 2008 Obama supporters “said Obama should be challenged for the 2012 nomination” — a move that would virtually guarantee his defeat. Democratic insiders have begun a whisper campaign that Obama is becoming unhinged under the pressure of the office. And a Washington Post op-ed by two Democratic pollsters advising Obama not to run in 2012 touched off far more speculation than it should have for a politically healthy incumbent.

Although two years is a political eternity, Obama’s popularity seems likely to decline rather than rise. His closest insiders have noted he will not triangulate as Bill Clinton did. George Soros is threatening to dry up all money to Obama if he does not maintain a far-Left agenda. And the president is thankful for the left-wing cover to implement his extremist ideology throughexecutive orders, regulations, federal fiats, and decrees.

This entry lends additional credence to this author’s contention that if Republicans muster the courage to impeach Obama, “a few Democrats might secretly support them, as well.”

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