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Anti-American Globalists “Defend” U.S. at the UN?

From the moment Barack Obama joined the United Nations Human Rights Council, observers knew an international humiliation was coming. Last Friday, the rogue nations of the world and the left-wing dregs of American society provided it before an international audience in Geneva. However, perhaps most disturbing, the team President Obama sent to “defend” the United States themselves accuse the United … [Read more...]

Harry Reid is Right!

I never thought I would write these lines, especially one day after a blowout Republican election, but Harry Reid is right. In my opinion, Reid is one of the worst senators in D.C., and Sharron Angle is the Senate candidate I most regret not seeing elected last night. (Tom Tancredo was the top gubernatorial candidate.) Harry’s views, goals, and methodology could hardly be more wrong. But he … [Read more...]

Polls: ObamAlbatross May Not Last to 2012

A series of new polls show Barack Obama has become so politically radioactive that even many Democrats do not want him at the head of their ticket in 2012. Everyone understands, if polls are accurate and the elections are free of fraud, the Republican Party will do well tomorrow. But how well? The Gallup Organization, a non-partisan polling firm respected for its work since the Eisenhower … [Read more...]