“No Labels” Tries to Redefine Obama into the Center

This author has reported extensively on the new faux centrist organization “No Labels” and its organizers’ efforts to form a new, national third party in time for the 2012 presidential elections. After its kickoff event yesterday in New York City, it is clear the group is rendering yet another service to the president: It attempts to portray Barack Obama as a centrist.

In a story today, Politico surmises that No Labels “may inadvertently serve a stalking horse for President Barack Obama.” However, it does not seem so very inadvertent. Democratic donor Jim Torrey, who attended the event, admitted, “Of all the people in the audience, if you drilled down you wouldn’t find that many Republicans.” The few who showed up were either “former” Democrats (Mark McKinnon, Michael Bloomberg) or RINOs run herd out of the GOP by the Tea Party movement (Mike Castle, Bob Inglis).

Torrey added that Obama “aligned with the values of this organization.” He was right — and that seems to be the group’s current raison d’etre: to pretend its views are the political “center,” and coincidentally Barack Obama shares them all. Thus, whoever opposes his agenda is an extremist who must be read out of polite political society.

The attempt to demonize the flyover country booboisie began on schedule. One participant told the gathering, “You just have to look to Arizona to see extremists who are trying to divide us.” Upon hearing this, Jim Geraghty of National Review wrote, “I thought the point of the group was to stop labeling people; but I guess it’s okay to label the overwhelming majority of Arizonans ‘extremists.'”

On the contrary, that is its purpose: to beat back the Tea Party, revive the spirit of Bob Michel, and keep the country moving steadily to the Left.

As I have noted, the Left center’s target is not just Arizonans. The majority of Americans support Arizona’s immigration law, and 68 percent of Americans support building a border fence. But the intelligentsia gain votes, cheap labor, or inexpensive house servants from our Open Borders immigration policy, so they portray the vast majority of Americans as victims of “nativism” and “racism.”

Enforcing our immigration laws was but one front of the No Labels labeling effort. Its neutered RINOs took relish in lambasting their former party. Former Congressman Bob Inglis of South Carolina, who lost his primary to a more conservative challenger, hailed Obama’s willingness to “compromise” on taxes, saying, “I’m willing to believe that that’s what Obama’s really been always been [sic.] about.” (It is not, in fact, what Obama’s really been always been about.) He blamed the GOP for telling the president, “we can’t cooperate — we’ve got to call him a socialist, we’ve got to call him a secret Muslim.”

Now the game is clear. “No Labels,” representing the make-believe middle, decrees that only extremists believe the president — who has long expressed his desire to take wealth from those who earned it and redistribute it to others who have not — is a socialist. Sober-minded people such as — well, such as themselves — “cooperate” with the Great One.

The new assault on non-compliant politicians recalls Obama’s year-long attempt to delegitimize Fox News. Obama’s surrogates said it had “a perspective” and unbiased media should not follow its example. Failing at that, he moved on to belittling John Boehner.

This reporter has noted the president’s attempt to redefine the political spectrum to place himself in the center. Former Weather Underground leader Bill Ayers recently endorsed Jon Stewart’s “Rally to Restore Sanity” — essentially a day-long Hate Glenn Beckfest — at about the same time Barack Obama did. Funny, that.

At the same time, Barack Obama is attempting to move the Left further leftward. This author reported that the Obamas’ and Valerie Jarrett‘s radical friend Marilyn Katz has called for a new Popular Front to give the extreme Left a mainstream voice. Her effort is the “bottom-up” component of the Left’s pincer movement to radicalize America. They hope it will soon be impossible to express mainstream conservative thought without being branded a hatemonger or troglodyte.

In recent weeks, Obama and his minions have redoubled their efforts. Obama has likened Republicans to “hostage-takers” and Boehner to a “bomb-thrower.” The Southern Poverty Law Center has branded traditional Christian ministries like Coral Ridge Ministries, the American Family Association, the Family Research Council, and Concerned Women for America as “hate groups.” The FBI now spies on pro-life organizations, and the Department of Homeland Security considers Christian conservatives likely domestic terrorists.

No Labels seems happy to do its part. However, some of its organizers cannot bring themselves to pretend they actually represent any constituency. No less a titan than Michael Bloomberg admitted, “It’s not clear that the average voter wants what we are all advocating.” The event’s kickoff panels were hosted by media figures that spanned the political spectrum from MSNBC to…the New York Times. Politico reported that a few more than 500 people showed up from around the country for yesterday’s gala. (In characteristic hyperbole, its website estimated attendance at “more than 1,000 people.”) The group sold a whopping 88 t-shirts, or 113 if you count online sales. (Incidentally, No Labels plagiarized its logos, although it initially lied about it.)

Nonetheless, its organizers still talk a big game. Nancy Jacobson said No Labels plans to have one million members within the next year. Fellow organizer John Avlon hoped No Labels will begin a political action committee to “go on the offense.”

Slow down, John. Your work seems offensive enough.