Obama Uses Federal Regulation to Redefine the Family

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you?

Proposed new rules from the Obama administration would advance “transgender” rights through a federal fiat that literally changes the definition of the word “family.” Obama’s Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is considering a new federal regulation that would force anyone who receives section 8 or HUD financing to accept homosexuals or cross-dressers as tenants, forbidding the renter from even asking the applicant’s original sex. The president has once again resorted to rule by executive fiat to pay off the sexual deviant fringe of his base.

The Obama administration insists the LGBT minority, especially “transgender” people, suffer vast discrimination when applying for housing – and that homeowners have no right to deny lodging to anyone based on their values. No national study has been done to corroborate this charge of discrimination. Nonetheless, HUD cites the work of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the National Center for Transgender Equality, which purports to show transgender people suffer “housing instability.”

HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan grabbed this thin reed and penned a new rule for the Federal Register. It sets down a new definition for several of its programs: “Family is defined as set forth in 24 CFR 5.403 and includes one or more eligible persons living with another person or persons, regardless of marital status, or actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.” (Emphasis added.)

The new rule would allow homosexuals to be considered “co-heads” of household.

Under the federal regulation, no owner or administrator “may inquire about the sexual orientation, or gender identity of an applicant for, or occupant of, a HUD-assisted dwelling,” although the rule “does not prohibit any individual from voluntarily self-identifying his or her sexual orientation or gender identity.” The lone exception is if the occupant would be sharing “sleeping areas or bedrooms.”

The Obama administration claims to be socially tinkering from above to combat “discrimination” (which, again, it has not proven exists) in such programs as section 8 housing, public housing, Federal Housing Administration (FHA) programs, Community Development Block Grants, and Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA). The HOPWA regulation removes the requirement that those who live with an AIDS patient “must be determined to be important to the person’s care or well-being.”

In part, it justifies this redefinition based on the vague language of a 1937 law intended to cover those who lived with extended family members or were separated from loved ones by the Great Depression. “These statutory terms result in an expansive view of what can constitute a family,” Donovan writes. He insists, “HUD affirms the broad meaning of ‘family’ that is already provided for in HUD programs by statute.”

This new definition of family, never found in the Bible, gives transgender people access to 4.4 million of the nation’s HUD-funded houses and apartments, and the homes’ owners no recourse to deny the use of their own property for purposes they consider immoral.

Donovan’s rule does not alter two HUD programs that provide housing to elderly or disabled homes; however, their definitions are already quite “expansive.” For instance, an elderly family is defined merely as “a household composed of one or more persons at least one of whom is 62 years of age or more at the time of initial occupancy.” The disabled family is similarly vague. Although the statute does not explicitly say, “regardless of actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity,” the administration is prepared to act as though it did.

If the administration applies the same standard to elderly housing, it would force several churches – including entire dioceses of the Roman Catholic Church – to violate their conscience by housing those engaging in serious sexual sin. For years, some churches have partnered with HUD to build housing as a ministry for low-income and elderly people. The Catholic Diocese of Venice, Florida, operates nine such facilities alone.

In fact, section 8 vouchers are often distributed through local churches.

Donovan promises to conduct a national study on housing discrimination against LGBT applicants, a foregone conclusion in search of evidence.

These “new” rules seem curious, since they look identical to a series of measures HUD took in October 2009, and again last June, all the way down to the proposed LGBT discrimination study, which the government insisted was “fast tracked.”

If adopted, these rules would represent a major breakthrough for the Homosexual Agenda via non-democratic means. There is no federal legislation for transgender rights in housing, although 13 states and the District of Columbia have such statutes. Obama has decided to use his rule by executive fiat in an increasingly overt way to advance cross-dressers concerns. The Huffington Post admits, “The HUD proposal marks the latest in a string of Obama administration attempts to enhance gay rights through federal regulation, which may offer a way forward for advocates who worry that legislative efforts have little hope of success this year.”

HUD spokesman Brian Sullivan went further last June. “We can’t be making law, but we went as far as we could,” Sullivan said.

The George Soros-financed Human Rights Campaign issued a report during Obama’s transition to the presidency calling on him to use executive power to advance the homosexual agenda. He has seldom disappointed. Last October, the Department of Health and Human Services created a “national resource center” to serve the agenda of LGBT people over the age of 60 – although far fewer homosexuals live to that age. (A 2005 study conducted by Dr. Paul Cameron of the Family Research Institute confirmed an earlier Canadian study that homosexual men die 20 years younger than heterosexuals.) The center offers $250,000 a year in grants to organizations that cater to the grayer members of the Rainbow Flag corps.

In June, the Obama administration redefined the term “son and daughter” to include homosexual non-relatives.

HUD “announced last July a clarification of existing policy, stating that, although the Fair Housing Act…does not specifically cover sexual orientation- or gender identity-based discrimination, it may still cover them in other ways. For example, gender-identity discrimination may be seen as sex discrimination.” That is, the government may prosecute landlords who refuse to rent to men in dresses on the grounds that they hate women.

Obama enshrined LGBT rights in his report to the UN Human Rights Council – including reference to same-sex “marriage” – and indicated his own views on homosexual “marriage” may “evolve.” [sic.]

The Homosexual Agenda is but one facet of Obama’s new plan to bypass Congress and the will of the American people. This author revealed last October that the Obama administration planned to rule through executive power in 2011, following a lame duck power grab. Following the article, the George Soros-financed Institute for Policy Studies and the George Soros-financed Center for American Progress have encouraged Obama to push the far-Left agenda through executive orders and regulations. Politico.com encouraged the executive order strategy. Following the lame duck session, other conservatives discovered Obama’s plan, and House Republicans launched a campaign to fight against it.

It is difficult to know if this regulation will survive – or if it is intended to. Since our expose and the Republican pushback, Obama has issued and retracted federal regulations authorizing end-of-life counseling (“death panels”) for ObamaCare and bringing Gitmo prisoners to the U.S. mainland. This may serve as the “bad cop” alternative to a slightly less onerous LGBT pay-off.

The regulation is open for public comment until March 25 – the date Christians traditionally celebrated the feast of the Annunciation, the day Christ joined Himself to an earthly family. This unholy statute should rebuff any recent claims that Obama is becoming more “centrist.”

You can submit a comment through the Federal eRulemaking Portal at regulations.gov, or mail your comments to the Regulations Division, Office of General Counsel, Department of Housing and Urban Development, 451 7th Street, SW, Room 10276, Washington, DC 20410-0500. Please be concise, respectful, and on-target when writing.

But please, write.