Conservative ACORN Expert Endorses Impeachment

Just days after a writer for the prominent blog Pajamas Media wrote that he “wouldn’t put impeachment off the table,” another highly exposed conservative has called for Barack Obama’s impeachment. Matthew Vadum of the Capital Research Center wrote on his Twitter account Thursday, “So many reasons to impeach Obama, now he gives us a new one: DOMA. Like it or not it is the law of the land.” Vadum linked to an article at The American Spectator written by Ben Stein entitled, “A Major Constitutional Coup Going on Here,” which discusses Barack Obama’s decision not to defend the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). In presidential history, such a dereliction of duty has been exceedingly rare.

Vadum writes for a number of conservative publications, including TAS, and is an acknowledged expert on ACORN.

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Vadum is the second nationally known conservative to call for the president’s impeachment via Twitter. Radio talk show host Tammy Bruce called for Obama’s impeachment in four separate tweets, which she posted on her Twitter feed on February 1.

Others have taken a more conventional approach. Arizona legislator Russell Pearce and Constitution Party founder Howard Phillips have said the president’s actions are “impeachable” in public venues.

Vadum is correct that there are many grounds for the president’s impeachment and removal from office under the U.S. Constitution. Tammy Bruce cited the president’s role in bringing the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt, while Pearce and Phillips made reference to the president’s refusal to enforce immigration policy.

Obama’s refusal to defend DOMA continues a string of selective enforcement of the law. The DOMA abdication came two years after offering legal arguments so weak and contradictory they were widely regarded as sabotage. Then-Solicitor General Elena Kagan essentially threw the case, as the administration did its “defense” of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. The damage done, Congress must now decide whether to do the president’s constitutional duty and offer the most robust legal rationale possible.

Or perhaps it will be up to President Joe Biden.

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