Obama’s Gay Reeducation for Marines on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

The Left’s drive to homosexualize the American military is about to take its next major leap forward, as the most resistant branch of the military, Marines currently fighting Islamic fundamentalists in Afghanistan, will receive re-education classes about open homosexuality. The propaganda push comes as the brass implements the new law, signed by President Obama, allowing open homosexuals into the armed forces.

Maj. Gen. Richard Mills (yes, “General Mills“) revealed that Marines currently in combat will receive these classes as part of a teleconference this week from Afghanistan’s Helmand Province. He promised troops in Helmand and Nimroz will receive the re-education “as soon as we can get them in an environment where they can pay attention.”

Helmand and Nimroz also happen to be the areas where fighting is heaviest.

Mills insisted of the training, “I really don’t think it’s going to be earthshaking,” although he simultaneously promised it would be “extensive.” Mills added, not to worry, “Young Marines will be receptive to it.”

That line contradicts Mills’ longtime superior. Recently retired Marine Corps. Commandant Gen. James Conway, the branch’s highest-ranking official, polled the troops and found “an overwhelming majority [of Marines] would like not to be roomed with a person that is openly homosexual.” He added, “My own surveys indicate that [this aversion is] not age-dependent.”

The choice for this reeducation highlights the Obama regime’s thuggish nature. The president wants to force an anti-military proposal down the throats of those who most oppose it while they are in the thick of a war he has handled badly. This should hardly surprise. The majority of Democrats, a full 52 percent according to a poll commissioned last July by the Military Culture Coalition, want to punish military men who oppose open homosexuality in the military.

A new lawsuit sheds light on the consequences of the Democrats’ social engineering. On Tuesday, 17 former service members filed a lawsuit alleging rape and sexual assault have become an accepted part of the armed forces. The plaintiffs — two of whom are men — accused the Defense Department of failing “to take reasonable steps to prevent plaintiffs from being repeatedly raped, sexually assaulted and sexually harassed by federal military personnel.” Sexual assaults in the military increased 11 percent in 2009-10 — including 16 percent in combat areas.

Somehow, placing athletic, lonely young people in close proximity to one another has not reduced the incidence of sexual contact. Things got worse for females after Bill Clinton skirted prohibitions against putting women into combat roles.

Throwing homosexuals into the mix means harassment, nepotism, abuse, and unwanted sexual advances will become an equal opportunity benefit of service.

…Provided any heterosexuals remain enlisted. A Military Times poll taken in December 2008 found that 24 percent of servicemen would leave the military or consider leaving if the political authorities repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” with 10 percent saying they would definitely resign.

Obama wants to assure he has the chance to brainwash some of them before they do.