Daily New Round-Up, April 20

More failed diplomacy:

Obama tried to keep Standard & Poor’s from lowering U.S. credit rating.

(First he loses the Olympics, now this. At least he can still outmaneuver John Boehner.)


What’s the Worst that Could Happen?

Obama gives Libyan rebels $25 million.

(Hillary admits we do not know who the “rebels” are but some of them are tied to al-Qaeda. The president will not give them weapons. He lied about the cause, violated the Constitution, probably prolonged the opposition’s inevitable defeat, and inflamed a previously pacified financier of anti-American terrorism. At least it hasn’t gotten in the way of his wasteful deficit spending.)


War Without End, Amen.

EU: Intervention in Syria a “Distinct Possibility”

(The globalist interventionists prepare to cross another Ay-rab off their hit list. What will it cost our boys in uniform? Who cares? Four more wars! Four more wars!)


Thanks for the “Liberation,” Barack

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Leader: “Enforcement of Shari’a Punishments Will Need Time.”

(The group Obama helped put in the driver’s seat gets ready to fundamentally transform the Land of the Nile.)


How Long Until His Face is on T-Shirts?

Obama’s Faith Advisor: Osama bin Laden is a “Revolutionary” like Che Guevara.


He’s In It to Win It

Judge Roy Moore, the Ten Commandments judge, has formed a presidential exploratory committee.