Mayor Bloomberg’s Solution for Detroit: Let Illegals Move in and “Take Jobs”

New York City Michael Bloomberg has a keen solution for the city of Detroit: open the U.S. border and allow illegal immigrants to move in to “start businesses, take jobs whatever.” The Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-Independent, who is said to be considering a third party presidential run in 2012 and was a major force behind the “No Labels” movement, says America’s most decrepit city would benefit if the illegals promise to keep their discipline and work ethic inside the city limits. (If there is one thing illegal aliens have proven, it is that they will not move out of an area with a devastated economy in hopes of getting a better job!) Meanwhile in Motown Karen Dumas, a spokeswoman for Mayor Dave Bing, declined the offer saying, “we would want to make sure that people who are here are able to enjoy a quality of life from an educational perspective, an employment perspective and a public safety perspective.” Bing’s office does not believe the best solution to massive unemployment is to have an army of cheap laborers move in and “take jobs.” Apparently the mayor of Detroit knows more about economics than the mayor of New York City. Who would have thought?