I Told You So; Obama Incites Violence Against Innocent ATMs!

by Ben Johnson

Barack Obama has proven adept at whipping his followers into fits of anger against a host of left-wing enemies: town hall participants in the summer of 2009, Tea Party protesters in 2010, Wisconsin and Indiana Republicans in 2011. The Left’s furies have now been trained upon innocent little ATM machines on the streets.

On Saturday, a group of Gay Pride agitators in Seattle — who always claim they are demonstrating for their right to love — smashed property and beat people up in the Pike/Pine area of town:

Police, some wearing riot gear and carrying crowd control weaponry, swarmed a roving Pride weekend march/dance party on Broadway early Sunday morning. At least one person was taken into custody near Broadway and John after police moved in when the male and others tried to reportedly damage an ATM and move a street barricade into the road to block a phalanx of SPD cruisers that had been following the more-than-100 person crowd just after midnight. (Emphasis added.)

I predicted this. After Obama’s crack that ATMs took our jobs, I wrote on June 15, “Given the violent nature of the president’s followers, how long do you think it will be until mobs of union thugs start trashing self-checkouts and innocent little robots on the streets?” (“Video: Obama Says ATMs Steal Our Jobs,” June 15, 2011.)

Unfortunately, it appears we reversed Karl Marx’s famous dictum: History repeated itself first as farce, then as tragedy.

Whatever the order, it’s just more proof, if you want to know what’s going to happen tomorrow, read this website today.

Move over, Muhammad, there’s a new Prophet in town.

(H/T: Gateway Pundit).

P.S.: That means homosexual activists are basically just like these guys: