Video: Angry Obama Tells Black Group “Stop complainin’,” Shut Up and Follow Me

Obama is on the stump before the group that most supports his agenda, the Congressional Black Caucus, and he’s never looked angrier.

The president and the CBC have a friendly spat going, because members such as Maxine Waters believe Obama has not done enough for her constituents. (Their answer: steal more money from productive America.) Knowing he has only 13 more unconscionable unemployment reports left until the election, Obama sees his supporters leaving in droves and even stalwart partisans in the CBC keeping their distance. He has attempted to cement their support as only Obama would: by telling them to shut the Hell up.

Reaching for Martin Luther King Jr.’s eloquence, Obama told the CBC:

Take off your bedroom slippers. Put on your marching shoes. Shake it off. Stop complainin’. Stop grumblin’. Stop cryin’. We are going to press on. We have work to do.

His teleprompter writer managed to wrap Obama’s real message in several layers of pleasing cadences and appealing mythology. But at core, Obama’s speech is an exhortation for the CBC — and if possible the entire black race — to stop voicing their ingratitude, zip their lips, and keep voting as they’re told.

(Story continues following video.)

His body language borders on the frenetic. He always looks a moment away from physical violence. At the end of his speech — after Obama says the most rage-filled “God bless you” this side of Jeremiah Wright — he slaps the side of the podium. The rage shows in his eyes as he storms off. Then he waves, as though he were posing for a picture at the UN, and the hatred he holds toward his hosts flashes once again. He cannot get past their insouciance about the way representing their starving, rioting constituents mildly erodes his self-esteem.

The moment he smacks the podium rather reminds me of this fictional video; life imitates art. Unlike Jay Leno’s special effects, Obama’s self-reverential anger is neither an illusion nor is it funny. It’s a national travesty dwarfed only by his record as president.