Video: Obama Does History, the “Intercontinental Railroad”

On Thursday, Barack Obama gave a stump speech in Cincinnati to bolster his $477 billion wealth redistribution jobs bill. “We used to have the best infrastructure in the world here in America,” he griped. “We’re the country that built the Intercontinental Railroad.”

America build the Transcontinental Railroad, not the Intercontinental Railroad.

One could argue this was a slip of the tongue if Obama had not used the exact same phrase earlier this year. On February 16 — about the time his administration illegally restructured the Solyndra loan deal — Obama told Milwaukee’s WTMJ-4, “Abraham Lincoln helped to build the interstate, err, the Intercontinental Railroad in the middle of the Civil War.” Saying “Intercontinental Railroad” twice is like calling a Navy Corpsman a “corpseman” several times.

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Some may say this is a minor mistake and not of any importance — unless it is uttered by a president whose media persona is that he is the most intelligent man ever born and the greatest orator since Demosthenes, or at least Hitler.

Obama made his faux pas at the 48-year-old Brent Spence Bridge, which connects two of the nation’s 57 states, Ohio and Kentucky. Ironically, the bridge probably would not qualify for funding under the bill Obama was selling.

Obama’s faulty history calls to mind the “Time Masheen” history exhibit from the movie Idiocracy.

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If Obama does not know his American history — and it seems clear he has a highly jaundiced view of our past — he could ferret out the meaning based on his knowledge of English. (Use the context clues, Barry!) The prefix “trans-” means “across.” The prefix “inter-” means “between.” The Transcontinental Railroad crosses one continent, North America; an Intercontinental Railroad would connect two or more continents. We could create such a line only by connecting, say, California and Japan.

A better idea yet, we could build a line connecting D.C. to Venezuela, which we could use to ship Obama down to his friend Hugo Chavez. We’ll call it the BHO Railroad. A proposal like that would guarantee his bill passes.

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