About that “Racist” Romney Ad….

The Democrats have unveiled Barack Obama’s re-election strategy. They’re going to insist all Republicans are — wait for it! — racists.

The most recent ad hominem attack comes after Mitt Romney released an advertisement underscoring Obama’s dismal economic record. Veteran Democratic strategist Tad Devine told the media last week the commercial is “clearly an attempt to bring back Rev. Wright and race.”

How precisely is that, Tad?

Devine claims the ad shows two scenes featuring only black people. One shows black women walking in the background, and another “appears to be a congregation of African-American people,” Devine claims. “In the first scene there are no white people at all, in the second…it is all African-Americans except possibly one person, [whose race] you can’t really tell.”

In fact, Devine assures us, “There is no other rational explanation for that scene other than to suggest a racial reference, and most likely invoke Jeremiah Wright.”

Other race-baiters have jumped on the bandwagon. Emory University professor Drew Westin claimed the spot’s racism is “subliminal,” as Romney’s scenes show him speaking to all-white crowds. “For Romney, there isn’t a black person in the background in any of the scenes he’s in,” Westin alleges. “It’s inconceivable that his team didn’t think to make sure there was at least some diversity in the crowds he was speaking to unless the goal was to juxtapose subliminal black people against white people for Romney.”

The only problem is these claims are thematically and factually fraudulent in the most obvious way. The ad is clearly about the nation’s deteriorating economy. Since this is a subject Obama’s handlers understandably wish to change, the Democrats predictably clutched the race card.

More to the point, both Devine and Westin’s comments are bald-faced lies.

The first “offending” scene may be seen in the video above at the 17-second mark. It lasts approximately 2.5 seconds. The second is a dizzying pan-shot of an indeterminate crowd at the 20-second mark that lasts less than one second. A video capture proves this scene includes at least one white person.

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(There are “no white people” in this scene. Except the pale blonde woman. And possibly the woman in the foreground.)

As to Westin’s allegations, in Romney’s speech at least one black woman is clearly visible behind him for five unbroken seconds, from :52 to :57. She appears to be sitting in front of a man of East Asian ethnicity.

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(“Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?” — Groucho Marx.)
Romney’s ad again features the requisite, coveted “diversity” during the voice-over, “I’m Mitt Romney, and I approve this message.” In its concluding scene, the background seems to contain a black woman and a black man in a hat.

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(Maybe Democrats just don’t consider black Republicans “black enough”?)
Apparently to err is human, to lie Devine.

Devine’s comments raise an interesting question: What if the Obama campaign had released a 30-second ad about Jeremiah Wright? If Republicans should be considered “racist” for allegedly raising Obama’s membership in an all-black, Afro-centric church, how racist must Obama have been for belonging to it?

How racist is Obama for inspiring a headline in the UK Daily Mail that reads, “Obama Campaign Abandons White Working-class Voters in Favor of Minorities and the Educated”?

What about his ongoing program of “stealth reparations”?

May one question Obama’s priorities for holding the White House’s first country music concert this month, after hosting celebrations of Stevie Wonder, Black History month, Motown, and Hispanic music — forcing flyover country whites to wait at the end of the proverbial line behind more reliably Democratic-voting demographic groups?

Secondly, why is the Obama campaign targeting Mitt Romney, whose formidable war chest still sees him mired at 25 percent support in the GOP primaries? As Niall Stanage reported in The Hill, “Many Democrats seem confident President Obama will face former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in November 2012 — and they are happy enough about that.” Stanage added, “The pro-Obama forces have already focused their crosshairs on the former Massachusetts governor, whom they think has weaknesses they can exploit in the fall.” To date, former White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton’s Priorities USA has spent more than $300,000 attacking Romney, and zero dollars on anyone else.

The Democrats believe Romney is a man they can beat, and they do not want to wait one more moment to begin the defamation.

Earlier this week, Floyd Brown collated a series of headlines about Obama’s re-election strategy, which consists of non-stop negative campaigning — because it is all he has left. “This is going to get ugly,” Brown wrote. “Saul Alinsky ugly.”

Tad Devine’s comments may be cited as proof that not only will 2012 Democratic rhetoric be repulsive, it will also be mind-bendingly stupid.