Obama’s Worldview: D.C. Uber Alles

For centuries, atheists and agnostics have belittled the Roman Catholic Church for persecuting Galileo after he contradicted its belief that the earth is the center of the universe. Barack Obama apparently believes Washington, D.C., is the center of the universe, and the rest of the nation’s concerns revolve around it.

On Tuesday, President Obama declared the nation’s capital a “major disaster area,” freeing up federal dollars to rebuild damage from this summer’s 5.8-magnitude earthquake. The August 23rd quake damaged such treasures as the National Cathedral and the Washington Monument. (The Chinese-crafted Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial apparently suffered no damage.) Nonetheless, District of Columbia Mayor Vincent C. Gray did not get around to applying for federal aid until late October.

By then, Obama had already denied the same relief to GOP-leaning Virginia. The president withheld help even though the quake’s epicenter was located in Louisa County, which suffered $80.6 million damage. He then refused to visit the disaster site, although the Commonwealth’s governor, Bob McDonnell, invited him to survey the damage. McDonnell is chairman of the Republican Governors Association.

An outraged McDonnell appealed the FEMA ruling and made a personal contribution of $5,000 from his Opportunity Virginia PAC.

On Friday, Obama relented somewhat. His order “makes federal funding available” to “affected individuals in Louisa County.” Funds are available for hazard-mitigation measures in all of Virginia on a cost-sharing basis.

Obama’s responses weave a telling tale of contrasts. The president initially denied funds to the epicenter of the earthquake and forced the state to appeal his ruling, but Obama made D.C. wait not a moment. What accounts for this disparity?

Consider: In 2008, Louisa County’s 15,000 voters supported John McCain over Obama by eight percent (53 percent vs. 45 percent). The District of Columbia favored Obama over McCain 93 percent to six percent. Mayor Brown is an advocate of D.C. statehood, a violation of the Constitution that would put three more far-Left Congressmen in power.

This president appears to believe, if you want relief, you’d better vote for Democrats.

…Or be thinking about voting for Democrats. Obama’s change of heart came the weekend before Virginia voters headed to the polls. His approval rating in this pivotal state is ten points below his disapproval rate, so low that some Democratic candidates refused to support his re-election. Their ploy and Obama’s attempted bribery failed, as Republicans picked up two state senate seats, giving the party control of the chamber. The loss is significant. Politico has has reported the re-election strategies Obama’s campaign staff are contemplating, “Virtually all of the scenarios envision Obama winning either North Carolina or Virginia.”

Obama can count on the strong support of federal bureaucrats, whom his pampering policies have turned into a new elite. Last August, USA Today estimated federal workers earned twice as much as their private sector counterparts. Obama’s new “jobs bill” caters almost exclusively to government jobs — although Obama has ineptly cited the loss of public sector jobs as proof his stimulus plan worked — and Capitol Hill Democrats could not be happier. They share Obama’s D.C.-centric vision of the country. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said in a recent flight of fancy, “It’s very clear that private-sector jobs have been doing just fine; it’s the public-sector jobs where we’ve lost huge numbers, and that’s what this legislation is all about.”

In fact, former Census Bureau officials Gordon W. Green Jr. and John F. Coder have discovered the average American income dropped 9.8 percent since the start of the recession, with the vast majority of the decline taking place under the Obama administration. However, public sector employees’ salaries declined the least of all American workers, 3.9 percent. Still, all the Left’s focus is on swelling the most unionized segment of the workforce.

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-OK, recently revealed how big spending and massive bureaucracy agrees with Obama’s political philosophy and personal history. “As an African-American man, coming through the progress and everything he experienced, he got tremendous benefit through a lot of these programs,” Coburn said.  His life experience convinced him government programs were the road to progress for a whole segment of society. Coincidentally, that segment of society votes for him and his cronies.

This author has long contended Barack Obama views the presidency as nothing more than a community organizer on a national basis. He seeks to expropriate the wealth of his enemies and redistribute it to the core demographic constituencies of his voting base. Catering to the needs of Washington, D.C., while turning a blind eye to the suffering of hard-hit middle America only provides more proof.