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Politico: Yes, Obama Hates America

Barack Obama's hatred of his own country has become so palpable that even the most milquetoast moderate media outlets can no longer ignore it. Keith Koffler, a former reporter for Roll Call who currently runs the White House Dossier website, wrote an op-ed in yesterday's edition of Politico entitled, "Obama's Dark Vision of America." The piece blasts the president's "relentless reelection focus on … [Read more...]

Another Obama Advisor Favors Health Care Rationing

Barack Obama has nominated Henry J. Aaron to head the Social Security Advisory Board, a panel that advises the president and Congress about the old age system. The choice is most dangerous, since Aaron has a decades-long record as an advocate of denying American patients health care along the lines of the British national health system. Aaron, a Brookings Institution scholar, has devoted his … [Read more...]

Impeach Obama Protest Will Greet Obama in San Diego

Move over Occupy Wall Street; the impeach Obama rallies are going viral. As veterans and patriotic Americans gather Friday morning in Washington, D.C., to protest for Barack Obama's immediate resignation or impeachment, they will have a counterpart rally in San Diego -- complete with a sky banner proclaiming "IMPEACH OBAMA" -- just as the president plans to visit the city. The West Coast … [Read more...]

Obama Ignores Subpoena; E-mails Show Solyndra Exploited “Unnatural Relationship” to Get Taxpayer Money

In its latest lawless evasion, the Obama administration has ignored a Congressional subpoena for all White House documents related to the Solyndra scandal. The deadline came and went at noon today. The action comes one day after newly discovered e-mails contradicted the official story of this administration and Obama bundler George Kaiser that the two parties never discussed Solyndra. Those … [Read more...]

Obama Grants Administrative Amnesty, Again

The president's stealth amnesty campaign moves forward, unchecked by the law, prevailing sentiment, or common sense. Barack Obama, unable to pass the DREAM Act through an overwhelmingly Democratic Congress, has proceeded to act as though it were the settled law of the land and ignore his constitutional duty to protect our porous (and violent) southern border. Instead, he handcuffs states, … [Read more...]

Obama’s Worldview: D.C. Uber Alles

For centuries, atheists and agnostics have belittled the Roman Catholic Church for persecuting Galileo after he contradicted its belief that the earth is the center of the universe. Barack Obama apparently believes Washington, D.C., is the center of the universe, and the rest of the nation's concerns revolve around it. On Tuesday, President Obama declared the nation's capital a "major disaster … [Read more...]

Videos: Eric Holder Knows Nothing, Nothing, About Fast and Furious

The congressmen who asked Eric Holder to testify on Capitol Hill today should cite the Justice Department for contempt. They expected to cross-examine General Holder and they got Sergeant Schultz. Holder said he was just as upset as everyone else, and shocked -- shocked! -- that guns were being trafficked to Mexican drug cartels by his agency. He wanted to get to the bottom of this nefarious … [Read more...]

Separated at Birth: Sharon Bialek and Roseanne?

On the left is Sharon Bialek, the woman who has come forward to publicly accuse Herman Cain of sexually harassing her. On the right is former sitcom star and recent decapitation advocate, Roseanne Barr Pentland Arnold Thomas Barr. Not convinced of the resemblance? How about this comparison? If that doesn't put the "sexual harassment" accusations into perspective, nothing will. Bialek … [Read more...]

Shocker: Poll Finds One-Third of Liberals Want Obama Gone in 2012

A new WND/Wenzel Poll has found more than one-third of voters on the Left would like to see someone else as their standard bearer in the 2012 presidential election. The survey of Democrats and Left-leaning independents was conducted October 22-25. It discovered 35 percent of respondents "prefer that someone else enter the race" for president besides Barack Obama, although a primary challenge has … [Read more...]

Subpoena: Obama Released Enough Illegals to Fill Pittsburgh

Have any of the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrant Barack Obama ordered released gone on to commit other crimes? Congressional Republicans think you deserve to know the answer, Congressional Democrats think finding out violate illegal aliens' rights, and the president is praying you'll never find out. The House Immigration Subcommittee voted to subpoena the names of all illegal … [Read more...]