(Videos) Obama Sucks Up to the Bitter-Clingers with a Marxist Country Musician and an Epic NASCAR Fail

Transgender activists, abortion providers, the Muslim Brotherhood, radical anti-Americans, and even the “former International Spokeswoman of the Universal Zulu Nation” have had their turn — now, country musicians get a chance. Tonight, Obama will host his first-ever country music concert in the White House.

The official White House press release notes:

Starting in February 2009, these events have honored the musical genius of Stevie Wonder and Sir Paul McCartney; celebrated Hispanic musical heritage during Hispanic Heritage Month; marked Black History Month with events featuring the music from the Civil Rights Movement and Motown; and spotlighted Broadway and the unique spirit of the American musical.

Translation: We’ve honored Hispanics, blacks, and homosexuals; now it’s your turn!

Beginning at 2 p.m., Michelle Obama will host a workshop for 120 students from the Washington, D.C., school system — or as they’re known in the East Wing, “Children who are never to be allowed near Sasha and Malia” — entitled, “The History of Country Music: From Barn Dances to Pop Charts.”

Who are Obama’s idea of great country music acts?

One of the headliners is Kris Kristofferson. Kristofferson is a phenomenal songwriting talent, a thoughtful man, and by all accounts a personable and congenial human being.

He is also a longtime supporter of international Communists.

He is easy to identify with when he says things like: “I want you to know I’m an Army brat; I was a captain in the Army and my brother was a jet pilot in the Navy. So I support our troops; I identify with them. But I sure as Hell don’t identify with the bastards who sent them over there.”

It’s harder to identify when he describes American history by saying, “the whole country was built on genocide, the murder of natives.” Since the mid-80s, he has denigrated the “history of economic exploitation in Latin America by the United States.” He now looks back and belittles “stereotypes that we were hearing so often then, during the Reagan administration…all this ‘Evil Empire’ bullshit propaganda.”

During the 1980s, Kristofferson stood with that Empire, frequently supporting the El Salvadoran Communist rebels and traveling to Nicaragua to meet with its Marxist president, Daniel Ortega. He serenaded El Presidente on the anniversary of the Communist revolution and still insists “my government was terrorizing the government of Nicaragua” in the 1980s. (He also believes Alexander Haig ordered movie critics to pan his epically bad 1980 film Heaven’s Gate, the flop that killed United Artists.)

His 1990 album Third World Warrior was a running indictment of the United States, from the opening track (“I will fight for freedom up against an Eagle or a Bear”) to its closing track, his homage to Ortega entitled “Sandinista” (“You can hold your head up high/You have given back the freedom”).

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No word on whether Kristofferson will perform his 1990 classic, “Jesse Jackson.”

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Who else does our first family believe represents the music of America’s heartland?

  • James Taylor — an ossified Vietnam-era folk singer, not a country singer. Before singing the songs of the common man Taylor, the pampered son of a physician, spent his early years living in England after receiving an inheritance and spent much of his adult life as a heroin addict.
  • Mickey — no, not Mickey Gilley (an active Republican) but “an unknown artist named Mickey,” who is apparently “currently working on her debut Country album.” Not many artists can boast going from signing a record contract to immediately performing at the White House as a totemic exemplar of a musical form. The fact that Mickey happens to be a young, attractive black female, giving her two-fer Affirmative Action appeal, may be relevant. Other than her privileged status, she has no apparent qualifications to be in the White House tonight. Just like her hosts.
  • Lyle Lovett, whose last top-40 country hit was 1987’s “I Loved You Yesterday.”
  • Darius Rucker, former frontman for “Hootie and the Blowfish,” whose most notable musical contribution was making it cool to sound like Mr. Ed again. Rucker once said he does not publicly get involved in politics.

Bluegrass singer Alison Krauss, and current country music stars Dierks Bentley, The Band Perry, and Lauren Alaina will also perform.

Somehow Hank Williams Jr. did not make the list.

After hosting every perverse fetishist and feting every exotic group known to man, Obama’s idea of cozying up to America’s bitter-clingers is listening to a Communist shill, the former Mr. Julia Roberts, a one-time Blowfish, a former folk-rock non-emoter, an Affirmative Action pick, a bluegrass angel, and three modern country acts.

Obama is getting on the campaign wagon in other ways. Although he has no use for flyover country any other time, he has decided to “invest” $400 million in taxpayer funds to bring broadband to rural areas, after the United Nations declared Wi-Fi an inalienable human right.

This weekend, Michelle Obama was booed by NASCAR bitter-clingers after announcing, “Gentlemen, start your engines!”

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Fans of country music, and lovers of the United States, will greet her musical selections the same way.