Barack Obama: Worse On Iran Than Jimmy Carter?

Iran became a major issue at last night’s Republican debate. But no matter how you believe it should be solved, everyone should agree the mess is here in the first place because of two people: Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama.

Jimmy Carter’s weakness allowed the Ayatollah to topple the Shah and hold Americans in shameful conditions for 444 days, mocking a great superpower before all the world.

Barack Obama’s decision to hit the Persian version of the “reset button” paid its dividends this week. Iran emerged in front of the world with pictures of a downed U.S. spy drone, which it will use to gain new scientific insights it would never have otherwise enjoyed. Iranian scientists may have hacked the drone’s system to force it down. At the same time, Iran threatened to shut down the Strait of Hormuz, the watery highway that conducts 17 percent of the world’s oil Westward.

The Washington Times reports Iranian and Venezuelan officials may be plotting a cyber-attack on U.S. nuclear facilities, similar to the ones we and/or the Israelis have been launching against them. In October, the Obama administration floated a highly implausible theory that some members of the Iranian government may or may not have planned to assassinate a Saudi official in Washington, D.C., and the president of Iran may or may not have known about this alleged plot, perhaps.

Under Jimmy Carter, the mullahs gained control of a nation. Under Barack Obama, they may develop a nuclear weapon.

In Iranian policy as on so many other fronts, Obama has finally given Jimmy Carter someone to look down on.