Why D.C. RINOs Won’t Impeach Eric Holder

One of the activists in the Clinton impeachment trial says not to believe some Republicans threatening to impeach Attorney General Eric Holder over Operation Fast and Furious. It’s just a smokescreen used by Washington pols, he writes.

Larry Klayman, the founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch USA, writes the fact “that House Republicans threatened only to impeach Holder if he does not come totally clean on Operation Fast and Furious” is an “empty threat” and “meaningless in the world of Washington, D.C., politics.”

“When was the last time anyone was impeached?” he asked.

Klayman knows the territory. He doggedly pursued Bill Clinton’s serial crimes in the 1990s on everything from Filegate to Chinese campaign fundraising to misuse of the Commerce Department. Then-Congressman Bob Barr brought Klayman in to brief congressmen who were pursuing impeachment, and Klayman introduced the panel to Dolly Kyle Browning, a former victim of Clinton’s sleazy ways. (When she planned to expose their affair, Clinton’s staffers responded, “We will destroy you.”)

Klayman writes in WND.com that he has seen RINOs promise impeachment before as a slick political tactic:

You see, lying in the nation’s capital may make for good theatre, but it’s really no “big deal,” whether it’s Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton during her scandalous reign of terror in the White House, or anyone else, including Obama and his predecessor George W. Bush, who lied about various issues involving the lead up to the Iraq war. Threats of impeachment of Holder are just part of the overall dog-and-pony show to position Republicans for the next election – just as the impeachment of Bill Clinton was intended only to weaken Democrats for the 2000 presidential election. There never was any Republican intention to convict and remove the criminal from office, lest Al Gore assume the presidency and run as an incumbent in 2000.

Congressman James Sensenbrenner, a conservative patriot, publicly raised the specter of impeachment during Eric Holder’s testimony last week. However, RINOs quickly backed away. Former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff said he does not even want to see Holder’s subordinate, Lanny Breuer, fired — insisting it “would be a loss if Lanny were to leave.”

Former Bush-43 speechwriter David Frum advised Republicans to cave on the debt ceiling to avoid impeaching Obama. He’s currently warning the GOP not to nominate Newt Gingrich, because it means “volunteering to spend 2012 re-arguing the Clinton impeachment.”

If anyone knows impeachment’s inside baseball, it is Klayman. As this author has noted, the two parties simply agree to disagree over major issues, swap seats every so often, and coalesce to hurt the average American. At the leadership level, Washington is a one-party town with two names, both dedicated to big government.

The good news is, Klayman has a solution:

It again falls to “We the People” to take action. If Holder is not indicted for perjury, should we not empanel a citizens’ grand jury and charge him ourselves – a legal right under the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution? And, let’s not single out Sir Eric! The mainstay of the Washington, D.C., political establishment, with few exceptions, should also be indicted for destroying our country and lying to us in the process!

In fact, citizen grand juries have indicted Barack Obama. This may be the most effective way to go.