Video: White House On Lockdown After Occupiers Throw Smoke Bombs

The White House was on lockdown for more than an hour last nightafter protesters with the Occupy Wall Street movement threw smoke bombs over the fence toward the Obamas’ residence.

Secret Service held the estimated crowd of 1,500 OWS protesters with help from D.C. and Park Police. Ultimately, they let the crowd go without arresting anyone.

The Obamas were not on the premises at the time. They and Valerie Jarrett were celebrating the first lady’s 48th birthday at a local steakhouse. (Let’s mooove!)

This is the second violent assault on the White House to be associated with Occupy Wall Street protesters. In November 21-year-old Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez fired two gunshots at the White House after spending time with the Occupy D.C. crowd. He appears to have been mentally ill. There is no word he stood out from other OWS protesters.

Interestingly, the smoke bomb incident occurred just hours after a grand jury charged Ortega-Hernandez with 17 counts of criminal conduct, including attempted assassination.

As this author has pointed out, the Occupy Wall Street movement would be an ideal place for terrorists to hide themselves.

The assault is only moderately more hazardous and hateful than its other antics, including rape, theft, and indecent exposure amongst themselves. They have similarly chosen to sing, “F— the USA” and put their four-year-old children on the train tracks to make a political point.

Obama echoed OWS talking points in a weekly radio address in October and told two Occupy protesters, “You’re the reason I ran for office in the first place” in November.