“Vote the Bible” IS a Partisan Statement

Election officials in two states have objected to the message “Vote the Bible,” saying it may violate election law.

In a Texas voting booth, a woman was forced to cover up a shirt that read, “Vote the Bible” or relinquish her right to vote.

In Vincent, Ohio, the Lighthouse Baptist Church posted a sign that read, “Vote Life, Vote Family, Vote the Bible!” in a place clearly visible to those coming to vote. This riled some members of the small, rural community.

A third monument also made waves on Tuesday. Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Boulder, Colorado, erected a makeshift cemetery next to a sign that read, “3,300 Abortions Daily in the USA.”

Each of these outraged individuals of undisclosed political orientation (as though we couldn’t guess) sought to remind the public that it is illegal to engage in “electioneering” within a predetermined area of polling places.

But the Bible was not on the ballot. Why did people object that these sentiments somehow influenced voters to choose a particular candidate?

Hasn’t the Religious Left claimed for years that the Bible is open to a host of interpretations, that its members are motivated by Jesus’ words to care for “the least of these” and to protect the environment, His creation?

Hasn’t Barack Obama claimed the Sermon on the Mount would require Americans to slash defense spending and that his opposition to marriage as outlined in Genesis chapter 1 is based on the Golden Rule?

Have its members not claimed there is a “Biblical basis for being pro-choice”?

Why then would they be threatened by vague messages encouraging people to vote for Biblical values?

The reason is they know the Bible does not really support their left-wing agenda, and they are cherry picking verses to construct an artificial “Biblical” argument for their predetermined conclusions.

They do not read the Bible for discernment or enlightenment, with the goal of offering their lives to be used as God might direct.

They read the Scriptures to cobble together a divine fig leaf for their political views. But they know it is as artificial as Judas’ friendship, spiritual AstroTurf that careful examination would prove to be devoid of life or authenticity.

The bottom line is: Deep down, liberals don’t believe the Bible supports them. You shouldn’t, either.