No, Planned Parenthood does not show women how to cover up domestic abuse. But….

A video making the rounds in pro-life circles claims that Planned Parenthood shows women how to cover up signs of domestic abuse. A video posted on the group’s Info for Teens Facebook page shows a woman giving make-up tips to cover up bruises, abrasions, and signs of strangulation.

According to some, this proves that Planned Parenthood does not just perform 330,000 abortions a year; it is now providing beauty tips to battered women.

The only problem is, it’s a lie, as the video – and the underlying article written by the organization that exposed it – show.

“The video is from a legitimate organization in the UK that fights domestic violence,” it notes, and UK website originally headlined it, “Don’t cover it up.”

In other words, it is a parody against domestic abuse, not a cover-up enabling it.

Planned Parenthood, which is nothing if not obsessive about its public image, posted this video to present itself as a courageous opponent of abuse.

The irony is that Planned Parenthood has done more to cover up the abuse of women and young people than any organization outside NAMBLA.

Abortion is an invaluable tool to enable abusers, and their families, to dispose of the evidence of statutory rape or incest. In 2004, an Ohio Planned Parenthood performed an abortion on a 14-year-old after her 21-year-old soccer coach posed as her father, a scandal that resulted in a lawsuit.

Planned Parenthood has all too often been willing to turn a blind eye, refusing to report statutory rape to the authorities as required by law and sometimes advising the victim on how to hide the abuse.

The abortion industry benefits from the suffering, fear, and deception of the sexual abusers it empowers, overtly or covertly. Posting this video is its own form of make-up, covering up its ugly past, present and, if authorities fail to remain vigilant, future.

If the pro-life movement responds to the post, it should be with outrage that such an organization is now posing as a staunch opponent of the very abuse that pads its bottom line.

For those who would seize upon this video as pretext to attack Planned Parenthood I say: Get a grip.

Misrepresenting the contents of a post will backfire, because 1) it should; and 2) it turns the guilty party into a victim. Such tactics should have no place in the pro-life movement.

What separates those of us who seek to protect life from those who seek to destroy it is our commitment to truth. The other side twists quotations about the unborn into endorsements of rape. They conflate the free exercise of religion with the ruthless imposition of theocracy by “denying women access to contraception.” They pretend nuns with rosaries and pastors with Bibles are incipient domestic terrorists.

Let’s leave the gutter tactics and character defamation to the Left, which is both more skilled at its art and more practiced in its execution than we can ever hope to be. We have a higher calling.

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