Archives for December 2013

Gary Herbert for president!

No, I'm not really endorsing Utah Governor Gary Herbert for president in 2016 – but the way he handled an activist judge's decision to redefine marriage proves Herbert would be better for the job than Chris Christie. On Friday, an Obama-appointed judge overturned Utah's state constitutional amendment protecting marriage – one passed by two-thirds of state voters in … [Read more...]

Have a Coke, a Baby, and a Smile

A new Coca-Cola ad is a jarring exception to the television industry's usually unrelenting negative coverage of family and parenthood. The advertising firm Santo Buenos Aires produced the 60-second spot to promote Coke Life, a new 36-calorie product sweetened with Stevia extract that may soon hit the shelves in the United States. The director films a couple's journey from pregnancy to the … [Read more...]

Planned Parenthood answers the question: Can my transgender girlfriend get me pregnant?

File this under “First World problems.” Planned Parenthood has posted a response on its Tumblr account to a reader who asked, "Can my trans[gender] girlfriend get me pregnant?" Someone who, understandably, wanted to remain anonymous wrote, “My girlfriend is trans and has been doing hormone replacement therapy for about a year. About how likely is it that she can still get me … [Read more...]