Planned Parenthood answers the question: Can my transgender girlfriend get me pregnant?

File this under “First World problems.”

Planned Parenthood has posted a response on its Tumblr account to a reader who asked, “Can my trans[gender] girlfriend get me pregnant?”

Someone who, understandably, wanted to remain anonymous wrote, My girlfriend is trans and has been doing hormone replacement therapy for about a year. About how likely is it that she can still get me pregnant?

Yes, a biological female apparently having heterosexual intercourse with a biological male asked if sex still causes pregnancy.

A Planned Parenthood spokesperson named “Mylanie” responded with the perplexing statement, “anytime your girlfriend’s semen…gets into your vagina or onto your vulva, you’re at risk for pregnancy. ” (She also recommended Planned Parenthood’s own “super awesome sexual health guides made specifically for trans women.”)

What does it say about the state of the nation when young people wonder if a teenager’s decision that he is really a female repeals the laws of human reproduction?

Among other things, it says that the culture has indulged nonsensical theories of sex and “gender” for far too long.

In 2008, the media were atwitter with the news that a “man,” Thomas Beatie, had become pregnant. As it turned out the “man,” born Tracy Lagondino, was a former beauty queen and the current owner of uterus.

More recently, Lauren Rankin made the case that not only do “men” get pregnant but that “men” have abortions in an article posted in July at entitled, “Not Everyone Who Has an Abortion Is a Woman – How to Frame the Abortion Rights Issue.”

She hoped her own history of overlooking their needs did not encourage any “men” to keep their babies and become mothers.

According to ideologues of androgyny, sexual identity is fluid, transient, and infinitely malleable. A person who feels like a male is a male, and vice-versa. Feeling confident that they has won the culture over to the notion that all rejection of homosexual activity is a form of “hate,” the sexual revolutionaries now advance the notion that biology is bigotry.

They wield tremendous influence through a social media, the entertainment industry, and the backing of the Obama administration, which has implemented the political goals of the transgender movement by executive fiat, including issuing a federal HUD regulation that literally redefines the family.

But if questions like this don’t expose the intellectual bankruptcy of their ongoing desire to repeal reality, what can?

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