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‘Mainstream’ journalists shade the facts, miss the point of Supreme Court abortion ruling

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 27, 2014 ( – If there were ever any doubt about the need for's accurate reporting to offset the media's political agenda, news coverage of this week's Supreme Court case should have settled it. From the Associated Press to the “newspaper of record,” mainstream journalism misreported the story, imported irrelevant … [Read more...]

Don’t say ‘evolved,’ Part 1: Evolutionary science refutes gay marriage

June 20, 2014 ( – The lifestyle Left has waged a war of no quarter against the unborn, the institution of marriage, freedom of conscience, and the standards of civilization and tradition. With the talk of politicians “evolving” to support same-sex “marriage,” it is now waging a war against science and language, as well. In a testy exchange with … [Read more...]