Listen: ‘War on Women’ rhetoric left women feeling manipulated, Democratic operative says


“When the consultants took the issue over, what they really did was make women feel manipulated by a man,” the former Clinton adviser told Ralph Nader after the midterms.

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Who is Buffy Wicks?


“To really understand the Obama phenomenon, you should know Buffy Wicks,” one left-wing radical has written. We agree.

As National Operation Vote Director, Buffy Wicks led the Obama re-election campaign’s ground game that broke all expectations, stunned pollsters, and outmaneuvered Karl Rove. But there’s more to Buffy than organizing election rallies. She is perhaps the most radical member of the most left-wing administration in history.

Read Ben Johnson’s groundbreaking investigative research into her story, from her college days suing to overturn an election and bar a struggling woman from law school, to working with Marxist groups to organize hate-filled rallies, to asking the radical fringe to shape Barack Obama’s agenda.