‘Blood money’: Waitress-turned-author donated $2,000 tip from Rush Limbaugh to pay for abortions


DALLAS, September 23, 2014 (TheRightsWriter.com) — A waitress-turned-novelist who supports abortion-on-demand said when she received a large tip from Rush Limbaugh, the money seemed too dirty to keep – so she used it to help underwrite the costs of abortion.

Author Merritt Tierce waited on the renowned radio commentator at the Dallas steakhouse Nick & Sam's, where Rush regularly left exorbitant tips. Once, he left Merritt a $2,000 gratuity in $100 dollar bills.

“That was like blood money to me,” Tierce told the Dallas News.

Instead, she donated the money to the Texas Equal Access (TEA) Fund, an abortion fund that underwrites some – but not all – of the cost of abortions for economically challenged women in the Lone Star State. Similar abortion funds ask young women to consider “lying to a friend or family member” to get money for an abortion, drop out of college, join “medical testing groups,” and cultivate their “relationship” with their landlord.

Tierce recently wrote a New York Times op-ed about her own abortions, and her belief that the pro-abortion movement hurt itself by admitting that the procedure posed any moral hazard whatsoever.

“By repeating only the gut-wrenching, heartbreaking, terrifying abortion stories, we protect a lie: that abortion isn't normal,” she wrote. “We have learned to think of abortion with shame and fear.”

Her description of the decision leading up to an abortion is that “you do whatever you do, however you do it, for whatever reason, because that's your experience.”

Not many writers are willing to openly embrace abortion with such abandon, including her political hero, Wendy Davis, whom she thanked for speaking publicly about abortion. She admitted that she, like Davis, had two abortions, but hers involved no health issues, as Davis' purportedly did.

Tierce aborted her third child, because “I didn't know who the father was. I had been having an affair.” After a subsequent miscarriage, she deliberately got pregnant, only to abort her fifth child. “I had no emotional control in that relationship, so I sabotaged my birth control to get some back,” she wrote. Then she aborted.

She acknowledged her actions were “unlikely to generate much sympathy.”

Tierce is promoting her first novel, Love Me Back. A reviewer for the Houston Press explains the writer created the main character “in her own image, drawing on her own tumultuous years working in the restaurant industry” to describe how the waitress, Maria, engaged in “afterhours sex- and drug-fests.”

The dark book, which grew out of a short story she wrote entitled “Suck It,” is drawing rave reviews from the literary press.

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