Herman Cain is Wrong About Obama’s Fertility Clinic Amnesty (Audio)

WASHINGTON, D.C., November 25, 2014 (TheRightsWriter.com) – Why did the Obama administration effectively grant U.S. citizenship to women willing to act as surrogate mothers around the world? Former U.S. Senate and presidential candidate, and Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman Cain has the answer: It's all a vast distraction.

News of the amnesty-in-miniature broke late last month. Women who act as surrogates or who sell their eggs to American women would be considered biological parents of the child. As a relative of a U.S. citizen, that puts the woman (and, eventually, her entire extended family) in a preferential position to become a U.S. citizen under the terms of the 1965 Immigration Act.

Just days before the election, Cain gave his assessment:

Why did they [Obama administration officials] throw this out there now? I know why. They don't want you thinking about the lousy economy. They don't want you thinking about the fact that you can't get a job. They don't want you thinking about the cover-up and the corruption in the IRS. They don't want you to think about all of the stuff the IRS is trying to put out. They don't want you thinking about the National Labor Relations Board that's trying to redefine the franchisee-franchiser business model which has helped to create thousands and thousands and thousands of successful businesses for the last four decades.

All they want you to be thinking about is all of these other things that they're throwing out there to suck up oxygen in the press and at the same time try to scare Democrats to the polls, especially black people.

Herman, buddy, I love you and defended you from those dubious sexual harassment allegations made by your “victim,” Sharon Bialek (who bears a striking resemblance to Roseanne), but your reaction forces me to ask one question: Say what???

I don't see how this announcement would “scare” anyone, black or otherwise, into or out of voting. On the list of electoral concerns, immigration policy for foreign surrogates ranks just below federal regulations for the labeling of pastry (or, for that matter, the NLRB's redefinition of the franchisee-franchiser business model).

There's more reason to be doubtful. Obama's mini-amnesty announcement did not exactly get the red carpet treatment. It was reported only by The Daily Caller, and has drawn sparse commentary from Fox News (which provoked an immediate response from Media Matters), Wesley J. Smith of National Review Online, Elise Hilton of the Acton Institute, James Kirkpatrick of Vdare.com, and talk show host Renk of WBCK-FM in Battle Creek, Michigan.

None are typical outlets for Obama administration leaks. In fact, it's almost like “they” didn't leak this at all.

More to the point, the policy change is no “distraction.” It would have a few immediate effects:

It would dramatically increase the number of women willing to be surrogates and the number of American women willing to exploit them. The promise of U.S. citizenship, the most coveted possession in the world, might make women (and girls) willing to overlook the paralysis and amputation sometimes caused by the hormones used during the egg harvesting process, as well as (ironically), their own potential infertility.

It would lower the price for American women seeking to hire a foreign woman to act as a surrogate or act as an egg donor seller. Now that the transaction includes remuneration with U.S. citizenship – and if desired lifetime cradle-to-grave welfare programs – the U.S. couple's upfront costs can be lowered. It's not conceivable that the donors would pay the recipients for the privilege of becoming U.S. citizens.

In short, Obama is subsidizing upper class American women's fertility choices with taxpayer dollars.

The new policy will further redefine the family, since “mother” and “father” now include non-biological parents. Hmm, it seems there is a certain constituency that has been lobbying for that very change for some time.

It will open U.S. borders yet wider, as first the donor, then her relatives, then their relatives abuse the already overused process of “family reunification” to transport most of the village to U.S. soil.

Meanwhile, newly naturalized, foreign-born surrogates gain access to U.S. welfare, educational, and health care benefits, swelling the cost to American taxpayers.

It continues the trend of President Obama changing immigration laws by executive fiat, a sprint for the massive amnesty he announced just after the midterms.

This isn't the distraction. This is their platform.

The nation needs politicians ready to fight these abuses, not rationalize them away.

Credit: Gage Skidmore.

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