George Pataki Wants You to Shut Up about Abortion and Gay Marriage Already (Video)


EXETER, NH, May 28, 2015 ( – Former New York Governor George Pataki is scheduled to announce later today that he will seek the Republican nomination for president in order to stroke his ego, increase his speaking fees, offer Americans the benefit of his vast wisdom and experience. The three-term governor supports abortion-on-demand, signed legislation giving gays special rights under state law, supports amnesty for 11 million illegal immigrants, and enacted stiff gun control legislation.

At last, a real RINO enters the race! I had feared this race would be devoid of the Arlen Specter/Rudy Giuliani/Jon Huntsman wing of the party.

Pataki has wasted no time lecturing the GOP's pro-life and pro-family voters that they should kindly shut their yaps.

He ran a television in New Hampshire media entitled “'What Matters' – No Distractions!” (Emphasis! In original!) In it, he said:

Defeating Islamic terror … shrinking government … growing the economy — these are the issues that matter most. Instead, we’re debating social issues like abortion and gay rights. They’re a distraction, and will only help elect Hillary, After eight years of Obama-style socialism, we need to shrink government, not let big government tell us how to live our lives. Log on, learn more.

Pataki's condescending counsel echoes that of other Republican Establishment politicians. One of their favorites, Mitch Daniels, advised conservatives to make a “truce” on social issues in the last presidential election. In February 2011, Republican “leaders” including John Boehner dutifully called Obama's betrayal on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) a “distraction.”

Silly Americans – you just don't know what's important! You think the murder of a million babies a year and preserving the foundational building block of society are more important than John Boehner's latest posturing before he caves and raises the debt ceiling again. Or funds executive amnesty. Again.

There is a certain breed of Republican politician who believes that, if he does the quarterback's homework long enough, one day he will be elected Prom King – if only his friends would stop hanging around and totally blowing it for him. That, in essence, describes the donor class of the GOP and their political servants, who campaigned on a pledge to end Obama's executive fascism and governed by trying to give him fast-track authority on the TPP.

Pataki's pandering has alienated Republican voters without ingratiating him to Democrats, who also dislike being told their issues are unimportant. Jesse Berney of Blue Nation Review writes, “You don’t get to separate the right to choose from a push for prosperity — a woman’s right to plan her family is intrinsically tied to her economic future and, yes, the economic security of the nation.”

Berney added, somewhat counter-intuitively, that “marriage equality is part of the fight in the war on terror.”

(Pataki has other ideas about the War on Terror. “I would not be averse to put American troops on the ground,” he said last week. There's a winning Republican strategy.)

If social issues are out, at least Pataki has a sterling record as a small-government, fiscal conservative, right? Actually, Stephen Slivinski of the Cato Institute dubbed Pataki “a lover of big government.”

“The state budget exploded” as Pataki's governorship dragged on, “growing by 76 percent since his first day in office – almost twice the growth of population plus inflation,” he wrote. “His fiscal 2007 budget proposal expanded state government spending by 7 percent, the biggest proposed increase since 1995.”

Pataki's fiscal policy score from the Cato Institute slipped from an A in his first term to a D in his final term. Overall, he scored a C – well below the career grades of Rick Perry and Jeb Bush. Pataki's score was even slightly lower than that of a neighboring Northeastern moderate governor whose electoral strategy consisted of ignoring social issues and focusing on the “important” non-distractions: Mitt Romney.

Then there's Pataki's support for gun control, environmentalism, and the homosexual political agenda – including signing a “hate crimes” law. No wonder he doesn't want to talk about hot button issues.

A writer for the Albany Times Union called Pataki's TV spot “a sign that he’s probably not reaching out to Democrats.” But it shows, on issues of life and family, George Pataki has more in common with liberal Democrats than the party whose presidential nomination he hopes to win.

Update: Interestingly, as of this morning, that video has been pulled from YouTube. We will keep an eye out to see if it is restored. Perhaps even Pataki thought it was over-the-top, or at least impolitic. I will continue to embed the link to the old video, in case it comes back online: