Media Propaganda is Prepping America to Persecute Christians (Video)

There’s no question that the media and entertainment industries promote anti-Christian propaganda at every turn – but what impact will it have on Americans’ liberties in the future? One evangelical leader says the depths of hatred being stirred up by the media will end in the persecution of Christians in the next generation.

“It doesn’t rise to the level of having their head chopped off by ISIS in the Middle East, but it’s all the same attitude that allows for those attacks,” Robert Jeffress told Sean Hannity on Fox News.

“I want to remind people that…the Nazis weren’t able to take the Jews to the crematoriums immediately. The German people wouldn’t have allowed for it,” he said. “Instead, the Nazis had to change public opinion. They marginalized the Jewish people, disparaged them, and made them objects of contempt.”

And when Hannity asked him if he really believed the comparison, Jeffress said, “Absolutely, they are being marginalized right now, treated as objects of contempt by the media, and once that happens, then the taking away of further rights will be very easy.”

Before instituting the Holocaust, the Nazi regime caricatured Jews in newspapers and film as hateful, immoral aliens who deserved no mercy. Only after dehumanizing them were the Nazis able to implement the Final Solution.

While it would be hard to see Christians being beheaded in the United States, the Obama administration has already raised the possibility of depriving Christian institutions that uphold marriage of their tax-exempt status, in an effort to bankrupt them and close alternatives to government-run schools.

That’s why Jeffress says the top question evangelical leaders want presidential candidates to answer is: What is your plan to protect the religious liberties of Christians being persecuted by ISIS abroad – and by the secular Left at home?