Inspiring Video: Standing Strong on Values will ‘Win the Hearts of America’

If Republicans want to win the next election, they will have to stand strong on values and avoid the factionalism fomented by their enemy, the media. That advice comes from one of the top exponents of values’ voters concerns, Foster Friess.

When questioned by Fox Business, the billionaire, who is heavily involved in Republican electoral politics, said the division between economic and social conservatism is largely “an artificial construct of the media.”

Candidates who are perceived as “social conservatives” had broad experience and bold proposals for all American concerns. Mike Huckabee, he noted, dealt with all the concerns a governor must oversee. And Friess’ preferred candidates, Rick Santorum, worked on national security issues as a U.S. senator. More recently, Santorum has emphasized a populist economic message to end illegal immigration and bring manufacturing jobs back to America to, in Friess’ words, “look out for the 74 percent of our fellow who haven’t graduated from college.”

The same media, Friess said, tries to pigeonhole Rand Paul as an “isolationist — he’s no way an isolationist” in the classical sense, he said.

Aside from eschewing the media caricature, Friess had one piece of advice: “In order to win the hearts of America, I think you have to go back to our basic values that made America great.”

In time, he said, “fiscal conservatives are going to wake up” and realize the breakdown of the family — and a retreat of Judeo-Christian moral principles — fueled the growth of big government.

Watch the full, inspiring video below: