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Understatement? Jeb Bush says harvesting and selling babies’ organs isn’t ‘a compassionate situation’

The Bush family is not exactly known for its silver-tongued rhetoric. George W. Bush was famously tongue-tied, and Dana Carvey became a Saturday Night Live star by poking fun at Bush-41's peculiar speaking style. Jeb Bush may be opening the next chapter in that saga. In something of an understatement, Jeb recently clarified that dismembering unborn babies and selling their organs is … [Read more...]

John Kasich: ‘The Lord Will Record What You’ve Done for Another in the Book of Life’

Ohio Gov. John Kasich joined the 2016 presidential race -- the 16th to formally enter -- with a largely extemporaneous speech on Tuesday that sounded at times like a heartfelt sermon. Kasich, 63, talked about his Uncle Steve's vow to God as he faced the trauma of World War II. "He found himself at Iwo Jima, and he looked around during that battle and he saw a lot of people dying," he said. … [Read more...]

Inspiring Video: Standing Strong on Values will ‘Win the Hearts of America’

If Republicans want to win the next election, they will have to stand strong on values and avoid the factionalism fomented by their enemy, the media. That advice comes from one of the top exponents of values' voters concerns, Foster Friess. When questioned by Fox Business, the billionaire, who is heavily involved in Republican electoral politics, said the division between economic and social … [Read more...]

Both Parties Agree: Obama Should Have Brought His Iran Deal Before Congress, Not the UN

It's a rare moment that will unite Democrats and Republicans. the Beltway denizens who lead each party usually coalesce around the lowest common denominator: pork projects, post office naming ceremonies, and empty symbolic votes. But for once they agree on something substantive: Whatever you think of the deal President Obama struck with Iran, he should have brought it before Congress before he … [Read more...]

Guess Who is Planned Parenthood’s Favorite Candidate for President?

As Christian conservatives decide their favorite standard bearer for the 2016 election, Planned Parenthood seems to have circled its wagons around a candidate. It probably won't surprise you who it is. Hillary Clinton has raked in 2,000 percent more donations from employees of the abortion industry than the next closest competitor. "The former secretary of state collected nearly $10,000 from … [Read more...]

(Video) ‘That Child Has Value!’: Senator Gives Emotional Speech on Abortion

He's got a 100 percent voting record from National Right to Life, CitizenLink, and Gary Bauer's Campaign for Working Families. But it's obvious Sen. James Lankford's commitment to the unborn goes far beyond paper – it's a matter of the heart. The Oklahoma Republican teared up on the Senate floor on Thursday while discussing the undercover video showing a Planned Parenthood official casually … [Read more...]

Democrat: That Planned Parenthood Video is a Hoax, Just Like Benghazi

The Planned Parenthood controversy has continued to simmer all week, shocking millions of Americans at the brutality and inhumanity that lies at the core of the abortion industry. Now, the abortion giant's allies – and often, beneficiaries – are stepping up to defend the indefensible. A number of Democrats have weighed in that what happened on the video from the Center for Medical Progress – of … [Read more...]

Must-See Videos: Two Congresswomen’s Emotional Speeches on the Planned Parenthood Scandal

Elected officials continue to react to the latest Planned Parenthood scandal. A video released Tuesday morning shows one of its national leaders casually discussing how the abortion chain performs partial birth abortions to harvest and sell fetal organs. Discussing this on the House floor, Rep. Martha Roby, R-AL, got emotional: Her remarks in full said: Mr. Speaker, I rise to raise … [Read more...]

John Kasich Hires Gay ‘Marriage’ Supporter as an Adviser

Ohio Governor John Kasich has made yet another troubling hire in his yet-unannounced presidential campaign. His nonprofit, New Day for America, has hired Matt David, a leader of the misnamed group Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry, a group of Republicans who support redefining marriage. He will join John Weaver, a liberal Republican and sometime Democrat who has made war on … [Read more...]

GOP presidential candidates, Congress demand: Defund Planned Parenthood

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 15, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – Defunding Planned Parenthood has been a goal of the pro-life movement since 1973. But Congress, and several 2016 presidential contenders, seem to believe the nation has reached a tipping point following the revelation that its abortion facilities sell organs they harvest from aborted babies. Several presidential candidates made or renewed their … [Read more...]