Hollywood to release second hilarious pro-abortion comedy ‘Grandma’ next weekend

Next weekend, Hollywood is going to release its second abortion comedy. Since its first attempt, Obvious Child, was a flop, Tinsel town is taking another stab at making a feel-good abortion flick.

Grandma stars comedy legend Lily Tomlin as a tough-talking, chain-smoking, septuagenarian lesbian whose granddaughter (Julia Garner) approaches her for the money to get an abortion. From what can be gleaned from the trailers, it then turns into a road movie – grandma and grandchild hit the pavement to rustle up the money from old boyfriends (both of theirs) and relatives, all the while bonding as they kill the fourth generation of the family.

Along the way Tomlin gets a tattoo (administered by real life transgender actor LaVerne Cox), demeans a middle class family as “Ozzie and Harriet,” and teaches her granddaughter that she needs to be more rude and profane – sorry, assertive.

The “jokes” look heavy-handed. “Don’t they teach kids sex ed anymore?!” Tomlin explodes at one point. At another, she introduces her granddaughter to The Feminine Mystique as though it were the Holy Grail.

Nonetheless, the film has a 93 percent freshness rating from critics on RottenTomatoes.com. It premiered in January at the Sundance Film Festival and may well be an Oscar contender.

Obviously, abortion is not funny. “I would hate to see the abortion issue treated as an appropriate subject for a lighthearted comedy because there is nothing funny about abortion,” said Eric Scheidler of Pro-life Action Ministries.

But I can’t help but remember when Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life of America advised young people to make abortionists the butt of jokes – advice that was distorted, then the straw man ridiculed in every left-wing outlet conceivable (no pun intended).

Then Hollywood immediately adopted the straw man.

I hope they’re paying Hawkins royalties.