Scott Walker: ‘Terminate’ the Iran Deal

Scott Walker is using strong language to oppose the agreement between the Obama administration and the mullahs of Tehran, saying he would “terminate” it immediately after being sworn in.

“The more we learn about the Obama-Clinton Iran deal, the worse it gets,” he said today. “Allowing Iran to inspect its own alleged nuclear sites puts trust in a fanatical regime that’s cheated for decades and hates everything we stand for.”

Instant inspections are not part of the deal, the Obama administration has admitted. The leadership of Iran has made no secret of its desire to develop nuclear weapons and use them to initiate a second Holocaust in the Mideast.

But the fundamentalist Islamic regime has always referred to Israel as the “Little Satan,” a predecessor to wiping out the “Great Satan” – the United States.

“This deal, and the secret side agreements that continue to emerge, jeopardize our safety and that of our closest allies,” Walker said. “That’s why I would terminate the disastrous Obama-Clinton Iran deal on my first day as president.”